Trailering A Horse That HATES THE TRAILER (How To)

hi guys welcome back to my channel Wow

so you guys today I'm going to be doing

probably one of the most requested

videos I've had in a long time and this

is going to be a how-to trailer your

horse without using any forceful methods

and this is going to mainly focus on

stubborn horses so horses who don't

really like the trailer link does

trailer and he typically trailers pretty

well if I'm doing it consistently but I

have not trailered him in a really long

time he's going to be just practicing

today the reason we're going to be

practicing is because I am going to be

moving him in a few weeks

so I don't want the move to come and me

to just like hurry up get in the trailer

which brings me to my first point in the

video when you are trailering a horse

especially a horse that doesn't like to

be in the trailer you need to take out a

lot of time to just practice with them

because where it goes wrong is when

people wait until last minute and then

you're in a hurry and you force your

horse to get in the trailer and they

have a miserable time a miserable

experience they're never going to want

to get in the trailer again and you

can't blame a horse for not wanting to

trailer that's another thing I want to

bring up a lot of people get really

frustrated and angry you cannot blame a

horse for not wanting to get in a

trailer it's essentially a metal death

trap it's a dark box that is super

confined and they have nowhere to move

around and they're basically trapped in

there horses are fight or flight animals

so if it comes down to it your horse is

more than likely not gonna want to get

in a trailer which is why you practice

ahead of time now the one thing I want

to say in this video is do not lose your

temper that is the main thing you want

to make this as positive of an

experience as possible thank you and you

want this to be enjoyable you don't want

to rush it you don't want to make your

horse feel like they have to go in the

trailer you don't want to make your

horse feel like you're running out of

time or that they're doing a bad job any

little bit of progress is progress so

even if a horse has never been in the

trailer before just them standing there

and smelling the trailer is progress so

you want to take everything one little

baby step at a time and I see so many

people trying to rush this which is just

so horrible and that's why you come into

problems and conflict so obviously for

things first when you're practicing

trailering a horse or trailering a horse

you want to make sure that you have your

trailer hooked up to a truck or vehicle

that is adequately able to pull this or

carry this or stop this trailer all of

the above and I also have Stoppers under

the trailer wheels also he hasn't been

groomed yet today so just ignore how

disgusting he looks we know you look

gross so up here as you can see he has

no hay in his hay bag and no grain

sitting up there this is just going to

be a patience test for him just train

and go in and out in and out now a lot

of people say that this isn't really

fair because he has trailered before

well trust me you don't know my horse

and he absolutely hates trailering and

especially if he hasn't done it in a

while he's gonna hate it even more I

don't think I've ever met a horse that

hates a trailer as much as my horse does

I even bought a trailer that has a ramp

load in which is a lot easier for him to

go in and out of and he still hates it

but the first step is having your

trailer as open as possible so I have

the escape door open and I have the

front door open I have my ramp down and

I actually have both sides open although

I did hook this side up so I don't want

him going over there cuz that's like a

storage side I do put shavings in my

trailer I know some people do and some

people don't there are a lot of shavings

in here right now just specifically

because I know while he's training today

he's gonna kick a lot of this out so I

didn't want to have to you know keep

refilling my trailer so this is way too

much shavings but I know he's gonna kick

a lot of it out today so that's why

there's a lot of shavings in here if

anybody's wondering another thing with a

ramp load and some people like a more

some people don't some people say

they're easier for horses some people

don't it's all just personal preference

my horse prefers a ramp load in and so

every trailer I'm ever going to buy it's

gonna be a ramp load in so there's that

and every difficult horse I've ever had

to work with train or trailer has always

done a lot better with a ramp loading so

my personal opinion I think ramp load

ends are a lot easier for horses but the

first thing you want to do after you

hook everything up you open everything

up is make sure that your trailer is on

a nice level ground and has enough space

where you can take your horse out loop

a few times and come back to the trailer

you don't want to just constantly stand

here forcing your horse to go in and out

of a trailer so let's go ahead and

practice this and I'm going to do a

voice over so you guys know exactly

what's going on

are you ready Linc he's like no I really

don't want to he knows exactly what

we're gonna do okay guys so as you can

see I'm just calmly walking him up to

the trailer allowing him to go in and

out as he pleases he can stand there

willingly if he looks like he's wanting

and engaged to go in and out of the

trailer but as soon as he moves over I

take that as a sign that he's a little

agitated so we go in a circle just to

clear his mind and then come right back

to the trailer I do like to go head on

to the trailer not from the side or from

any other angle unless he does what he

just did right there where I know he is

wanting to go in and out of the trailer

a lot of people are gonna say well why

don't you just move the center divider

over I don't want to do that because

then when I do put it back into place

it's gonna be a different setting and

he's not gonna be used to it so I want

him to be as used to the trailer as it

currently is and as it will be when he's

riding in it now right up here you're

gonna see he freaks out a little bit and

goes over so all we do is loop around

again I don't get agitated her angry

with him we just loop around so I want

him to stay engaged and continuously go

in and out it doesn't matter that he's

not going all the way in I just want to

be really encouraging now as you can see

right there he did do something really

mean and all I'm gonna do is not punish

him but just make him walk in a few

circles that are really really tight and

then I'm going I think I got something

stuck in my shoe right here but then I'm

just going to loop him back to the

trailer like I said you want this to be

a very positive experience for your

horse you don't want to do anything

negative because then your horse will

associate that negative behavior with

the trailer anything that he does I want

to be very open-minded and calm and as

you can see every time he goes in the

trailer I'm just rubbing him patting him

being really really nice and calm saying

really nice things to him like good boy

good job and basically I just want him

to go really nice and slow into the

trailer really nice and calm and just

stand there and be very willing not as

you can see sometimes he'll stand there

and go in and out a few times before

having to loop that's him stay

engaged with me but as soon as he

decides that he is an is done and has

had enough I don't want to keep pushing

it because then he's gonna get agitated

and angry so that's why I loop around so

many times and I'm just staying really

nice and calm with him just letting him

know that he's doing a really good job

now my main goal today is just to get

him to put all four of his feet on the

main floor of the trailer instead of

having one of them out on the ramp that

would be my main goal it's just little

things I don't need him to go all the

way in the trailer but it just makes him

feel more secure with the trailer when I

know that he's putting all four feet up

there because he's still a little uneasy

when he's not putting all four feet on

the trailer so that is my main goal it's

a little goal but you want to start

little and then over time it'll be

better and better you don't want to work

at the trailer for more than fifteen to

twenty minutes just because you don't

want your horse to continuously get

frustrated with it you just want to make

a small little goal and then once your

horse needs that be done so like you see

I'm just being very encouraging I'm

allowing him to stand there and go back

in if he wants to but if he shows no

interest in the trailer I quickly move

him around in a circle and then go right

back to the trailer because I want him

to stay very engaged and then as soon as

he loses that bit of engagement and

doesn't want to do it we loop around and

he is pretty comfortable but if I were

to try to lock the trailer on him or

push him in that would just set me back

a million steps and he wouldn't even go

up to the trailer for another few days

so we're just trying and just doing

little little steps one thing I want to

point out is that when you're training a

horse you should never lock them in the

trailer because you want them to be very

comfortable with it know that they can

go in and out and just really really get

relaxed you can see that he's going

further in almost every time there was

only that one time where he had a little

bit of a slip and like I said if your

horse does have a few slips if they get

agitated or angry you need to be

understanding the best thing to do is

just walk them in a few really tight

circles because a lot of horses don't

really like that it's a little

uncomfortable they don't want to

continuously walk in tight circles so I

recommend doing that not getting angry

or anything like I said you need to hold

your temper no matter how frustrated you

might get this variant

that you hold your temper just simply

because a horse will associate any

negative behavior that you do to them

around a trailer with the trailer so you

want to be very positive at all times

especially if you know that your horse

already isn't a fan and as you can see

I'm just constantly trying to keep his

feet moving I want him to know that

whenever he's outside of the trailer

he's gonna be walking around constantly

but when he goes in the trailer he gets

to stop and relax and catch his breath

in whatever which makes him associate

positive things with the trailer he

likes going in there because it's a nice

place for him to stay and as you can see

the more we do this the longer he spends

in the trailer regardless of how far

he's going in so nice and easy and I'm

just gonna let you guys watch this a

little bit longer until we get to the

end and then I will come right back and

tell you guys about the goal that we

meet because like I said our main goal

is just to put all four of his feet on

the main floor of the trailer which

ultimately it doesn't really take me

that long even though it might seem like

this is very repetitive work just super

simple he's just continuously

progressing throughout this and this is

the first time he's even been in the

trailer for several months so this is

really good progress for him like I said

just keeping my cool really nice and

focused take your time with this

understand your horse and realize that

this is not all their fault I wouldn't

want to go into a metal box either so

I'll let you guys watch the rest of this

and I'll come back when it comes to the

end clip

so right here you're gonna see that he

puts all four of his feet in the trailer

he does a beautiful job and as soon as

he does that I just completely reward

him I'm very very very happy with his

behavior and as soon as he does that he

knows that he did a good job I gave him

a lot of treats and go ahead and take

him and tie him up so that way he knows

he's done and he did exactly what I

needed him to do okay guys so as you

could see we did meet our goal I just

wanted him to put all four of his feet

on the main platform and he did that

just fine so once he does that I reward

him with a lot of treats and then we're

totally done that was about 15 minutes

of practice and he already met the goal

that I wanted him to meet today like I

said this is not something that you

should just do on a whim you should take

your time and really work with your

horse a lot especially if they haven't

been trailering for a while even for

horses that are used to being trailered

because he has been trailered hundreds

of times before but like I said not for

a while

so take your time you guys he did

everything I wanted him to do today and

more so I just wanted to reward him and

then just let him know that he did a

great job he met the goal and we're

totally done horses don't like doing

this it's very very stressful for them

so you have to understand if they get a

little frustrated if they get a little

anxious if they get a little upset

because it's basically just really

repetitive work and they're gonna get

really annoyed by it so you have to be

understanding in that way just keep your

temper stay really nice and calm always

be encouraging don't do anything

negative around the trailer because

they're gonna associate that with the

trailer and then it's gonna make it even

worse set minor goals and set small

goals so that way it'll take you 15 to

20 minutes to meet them and you can be

done with the practice I recommend that

when you are doing this with your horse

don't go over 15 or 20 minutes of

practice time just because after that

your horse is gonna start getting really

antsy and frustrated and it's just gonna

go really downhill anyway thank you guys

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