Wine Shipping Costs - How Wine Is Packaged

everybody Nate here for the Vino parties

a wine store they want to talk to you a

little bit about why wine shipping costs

so much you know shipping line is

expensive for a couple reasons one the

bottles of the line the way quite a bit

and when you ship stuff especially when

you're shipping across country shipping

companies they got to charge you for

that weight and you know it's one thing

that it's not much you can do about that

unfortunately the wine ways a bit that's

what this also the shipping companies

however you require you put in special

packaging so normally a lot of wine I'll

show up into our store like this from

the distributor in a little ball like

this and what we have to do is we have

to put it in our own packaging we have

these crepes and protect it so when it's

shipped to you I just kept safe and

sound so if you damage and impact your

wines get arrival right this is a pulp

recycle shipment container we also have

some styrofoam ones around here

somewhere let me grab one hold on

so sorry about that we have these

styrofoam containers another option

personally they I don't care for these

are not very environmentally friendly

they take up a lot of space and then

once you get the patch I mean what do

you do with them you got throw them out

you can't really recycle that stuff so

we have to do is we have to put them in

a box like this we tape it up and then

the wines they lay inside here so for a

big box like this it holds 12 put them

in here we've got put these trays with

it and the box becomes about twice as

big so you know that's one of the things

that the shipping companies requires

that the wine zip and a careful patch

which is actually for your benefit too

because you're wandering arrived safe

and sound on time that being said that

adds to the cost unfortunately that gets

pushed on to you so we hate the wine

shipping costs so much but it's common

unfortunate effect of the business now a

lot of times people say well other

places have free shipping their

discounted shipping free shipping or you

know flat rate shipping and what I got

to say about that is there's no such

thing in the world it's free shipping

UPS FedEx other shipping companies they

are charging people for shipping

somebody's paying for it and you know

maybe the cost of the shipping is

absorbed in the cost of the wine

sometimes people get this deal on wire

where they can purchase it super cheap

because it's discontinued discounted or

whatever and the too much inventory they

want to get rid of it so the seller of

the wine was able to you know carry the

cause of the shipping in the bottle of

wine but for the most part at vino

prairies Alliance what we want to offer

the wine at the lowest possible price we

can so we don't offer case discounts all

that stuff so what we do we do the

reason why we do that is we want you to

have the best possible price whether

you're buying one bottle 12 bottles 24

bottles or mixed we don't want you to


lies 52 x 12 when you only need six or

you want to get two of those two of that

two of that and you got to pay more for

the one because you buy it buy enough of

it so that's what we feel we want to

offer you think that's important that

you're always getting the best pricing

and so because we do that we don't

include any of the cost of the shipping

in our price we just tricked Lee pass on

the cost of the shipping the cost of

packaging that the companies require us

to do in them that's just passed on to

you guys so we're trying not to make any

money on the shifting want that be as

cheap as possible because we want you

spend your money on wine not on shipping

and I think that's what you guys want to

do to the last thing that makes shipping

so expensive is we have to put these

shipping labels on that and says no one

under 21 is allowed to accept this

package and do not deliver to adopts k

people and the government requires that

make sure when I've ship into minors

shipping it to drunk people and you know

that's important for you if so when

you're shipping one you want to make

sure your ship into an address where

someone over 21 can receive it and time

for it and best thing we recommend is if

you can ship it to your place of

employment or business somewhere where

somebody's going to be there throughout

the day that way the wine comes

delivered sign boom you got it otherwise

you shift your house you step out for an

errand and they come to deliver it

nobody's there guess what they're not

going to leave it on the package on the

doorstep for you like if you order and t

shirts off and I amazon so the guys got

to come back and that means it's just

another chance another day that

something could happen your wife we hate

that and unfortunately the shipping

companies also charged

be four that they charge a five dollar

fee approximately have somebody signed

for it so that's kind of in a nutshell

what made sipping wine so expensive to

recap should be one is expensive for one

wine way is a bunch it's heavy and it

costs a lot of mine ship whines what's

heavy you know a box on that bull

feathers five pounds big full box case

of wines about 40 pounds it's heavy it's

getting cost money the shipping

companies they charge for it more wine

ways the more they're going to charge

for it too yeah you got the extra

packaging this required and three adult

signature so that's just a little

backstory what goes into shipping wine

it's not just as easy as taking a

package that we get it in and off it

goes lot goes into it so I thought we'd

educate you guys a little bit on how

that is anyways I'm made with vino por

eso this here is that our back wine shop

in the warehouse and it's a little messy

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anyways Cheers Nathan green a party so