Exterior Painting Overland Park, KS Too Hot To Paint

hi there this is Mike with absolute

painting are you thinking about having

the exterior of your home painted is it

summertime is it hot outside if it is

then there's a few things that you need

to think about before you hire a

contractor to paint the outside of your

home let me read you something from one

of the product pages of an exterior

paint from the Sherwin Williams website

do not paint and direct sun temperatures

over 80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity

under 30% will make the paint

setup quicker this is taken from the

Sherwin Williams exterior super paint

product datasheet this means that

basically there are times when it is

simply too hot to paint now if your

painter is following three simple

guidelines it will go a long way into

making sure that your painting is done

properly here are the three things that

you need to do make sure that your

painter is chasing the shade this means

that they should set up and paint the

east side of your home immediately when

they get there

this will allow that spot to be done

before the Sun hits it and makes it hot

then they should move around the house

avoiding direct sunlight whenever


number 2 you want to make sure that they

start and finish early make sure that

your painter knows that they can be on

your property is early as 5:30 or 6:00

a.m. in the summertime this will allow

them to get there early before the

temperatures are too hot and get a lot

of work done before the temperatures

heat up and get beyond the recommended

temperatures of the product manufacturer

the third thing you want to make sure

that the painter is doing is putting

your project first this means that if

it's just simply too hot to paint

they're not painting it to try and get

it done quickly and quick to check from

you if your paint is put on when it's

too hot outside this may lead to a

decreased life of your paint the paint

won't cure properly and can blister and

peel easily

so if you follow these three guidelines

you'll make sure that you're painting in

the middle of the summertime is done

properly and exactly the way it should

be according to manufacturer

specifications and make sure that all of

these things are followed and that you

get it in writing from the painting

contractor that they'll follow these

guidelines and you look at a great paint

job even in the middle of a hot Kansas

summer now if you want to make sure that

your home is painted properly you have

absolute painting a call and we'd be

happy to come out and give you an

estimate for your house this is Mike

balding with absolute painting until

next time have a great day