Too Hot to Hike in Alaska?

hey guys Brooke Cooper here welcome to

my channel it is a scorcher it's

probably 85 degrees and humid which is

really weird here in interior Alaska and

I'm gonna go up that mountain I'm

looking for blueberries and hope and I

don't know stay tuned

first part of this trail is multi-use so

in the winter you can ski dogsled snow

machine you know then we're gonna hit

the trail beautiful in here isn't it

it's just birch trees and horsetail

witches it's beautiful and lots of

squirrels Maisie loves to chase the

squirrels alright


mark the spot let's go go squirrel deer



he's grow

it's frozen up in this tree here

good girl when you think of a boreal

forest this is definitely what comes to

my mind is just tons of white paper

birch and spruce trees and to me it's

the most beautiful forest I told you

guys watch it is hot I'm it's almost too

hot to hike no joke it's probably 80

right now heading up this mountain

called Bear Mountain oh I see some chaga

too high to get you let me show you

chaga is a medicinal fungus grows on

birch trees girls on older mature often

dying birch trees so it makes it hard to

get it's usually up high unless the tree

Falls then you can get it there's some

chaga up here

nice piece of chaga right there and get

out of the Sun this piece right there on

that tree too so be worth looking around

for chaga right up in this area nice

mature birch trees very very pretty very


carry on huh I don't know man this is

about as much heat as I can deal with if

I was in the Sun I would have already

turned around it's too hot mazie way hot

some water beautiful little spot stop

right here that's where we just came

I'm still climbing I found some chaga

within reach look at this nice specimen

is here that's chaga it's just beautiful

beautiful example chaga what it looks

like on the tree it really looks like

it's burned or something you know it's

that's a gorgeous piece of chaga I have

plenty of chaga in fact I have Mongolian

chaga a lot of it when I was on a lone

season five I hiked up my Ridge three

times and I found chaga gold up there

and brought it home with me

beautiful beautiful golden Mongolian

chaga so I don't need any let that piece

stay for someone else to find it's very

nice when you can find something within

reach a lot of times it's way up the

tree carry on

it's been very dry in interior Alaska

for the last two weeks fire danger his

extreme so you can hear it when I'm

moving it's just crunch crunch

you see these burles I like these two

girls on spruce trees

um there's cool and peel them all off

you can do stuff you can do decorative

polls that have girls on them or there's

stuff like that here's some more chaga

Within Reach

nice chunk nice big chunk let's see this

is the outer bark here but see

underneath when you check it off nice

and golden that's a good specimen - this

is the definition of a boreal forest

more burrows up in these black spruce

trees I've used them to make burl cups

out of which are really cool depending

on the piece of wood you get it's either

really not too hard or it's a pain cuz

the woods all the grains all twisted I

did a video about that

a couple years ago if you want to see

that check out the link below to see me

carving burl cups still climbing yeah

bear more chaga and as you can see

that's a dead that's a dead birch that's

a good place to find them

yeah I need to run into any visitors

today I have bear spray with me for

protection which numerous studies have

shown it's as effective some times more

effective than a gun which is hard pill

for some Alaskans to swallow we like our

guns but bear spray is lighter and and

anyone can handle it it's very practical

so that's what I've got today more chaga

see your stuff here

it's called old man's beer whose Nia

let's see a lot of it in interior Alaska

but uh you can't use it for fire starter

I personally find it's not that great

this is really nice and dry though but

it's incredibly anti met microbial so if

you had a cut or wound this would really

help heal that if you were to wet it and

maybe macerate it put it on the wound

wrap it up it's great Ronna bit of a

game trail here heading up the mountain

is always something to see I think I

love that so much about hiking I love

new trails I love seeing new forests and

seeing what there is available for

resources just love exploring Oh big

burl look at this one

there's more more of this old man's

beard in this and the spruce see how

light and airy it is here there's

another burl and that pretty in the Sun

look at this manage Amba it's a big boy

they say that these burles form in

certain areas you see there's another

one up here in these trees and they form

in soils that are acidic or that the

tree is protecting itself against some

kind of an intruder it forms that ball

at math it's cool always know I'm in

Alaska when I come across pearls

northern areas northern parts of the

world have these burles and they're as

special to me they make me think of my

favorite northern latitude areas here's

some more cool look at these this whole

tree it's full of girls with tiny ones

girl hey bear hi bear

okay we got it let's go take a look we

are it's kind of hard to tell but

beautiful view

it's very smoky we have a lot of forest

fires going on right now so very smoky

in this area kind of hard to get a scope

of the view but we made it it's so hot

but it's 85 very unusual that's it you

know interior Alaska does get really hot

today feels humid too so it's rough it's

definitely time for some water from both

of us I think baby girl you made it

let's get some water

nothing but wilderness everywhere you

look is pure wilderness nobody lives

here it's just wild and that's why

people love this place

Alaska and places like it mazey likes it

yeah you need a break

poor baby it's too high is we are high

there's some other stuff around us way

too much water Oh glad we're here it's

too hot to keep going too hot for her

Darley down

I haven't seen any blueberries yet

brought a bucket and everything that's

all water I got coming down so going

down will be easier but it's just so

stinking hot bad day for a feel-good in

the moss there stay stay

yeah thanks good okay Gary usually I

climb something like this and if I got

all the way to the top and had kind of a

bummer view like this I wouldn't like it

but today it's fine cuz it's too hot to

be on the top top of these domes in the

Sun so I'm happy to hike in the in the

woods today and in the trees and then

the shades just letting Maisie cool off

we'll head back down I love the sound of

chickadees they're all in this spruce

here waiting around I'm coming just

listen in to the chickadees birch tree

is by far my favorite tree but this one

just has such beautiful color and booths

Nia and stuff going on with it it's just

worth stopping and admiring it pretty

it's just a beautiful tree oh look at

that would you look at that mmm it's so

good because it's so warm from the Sun

hey guys that's gonna do it for me just

a hot day hike way too hot I'm boiling I

got to get Maisie to the river let her

cool off get these boots off get this

hat off no blueberries at but as always

I love hiking especially here in Alaska

I can't complain alright guys if you

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alright guys this girl woods she gone

big burl there look at that one


fine right here come on we take a dip


oh that feels good with a puppy didn't

it feel good

that's what she needed did I need to I

should jump in


chena river right here oh it's so cold

look here she just standing there

soaking it up that's good

nice oh that felt so good girls in the

river that's a happy girl right there

now look at that happy girl

oh don't forget to get outside and get