How to Fertilize in Hot weather. Dog urine spot prevention, fungus recovery, general fertilizer

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this all right guys it's July and it is

my lungs looking bangin man I'm pretty

stoked about it

everything's going really well so today

we're gonna talk about my July mix now a

lot of you guys would requests out there

instead of buying for my local suppliers

that I go to a local store to buy my

product so for my July service that's

exactly what we're gonna do I'm sure you

already picked out all right

favorite dance go see this oh yeah

for tonight knit yes that was a good one

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go yeah I got no clue yes Bryce all

right Bryce favorite dad Joe go favorite

dad Joe yeah you gotta go okay I got one

for you how do you know it's a dad joke

because the punchline is a parent ha ha

face I really want some of the hold of

water in so I'm gonna go with this

50-pound bag of humates they have here

it's gonna be readily available for the

ground great for lawn and garden now

fifteen sixteen dollars might seem kind

of expensive for that product but I do

have to tell you I'm gonna get three

uses out of this so it's not what it

seems only gonna be about four bucks now

next on the list I'm looking for an

available calcium source so I'm gonna be

looking for gypsum or some sort of a

calcium sulfate because my pH is high

and I need that to come down temporarily

it's also gonna help with the dog urine

spots now that I have the humates

on my cart so this extra calcium is

gonna help out a lot now the goal here

is I don't want to over spend too much

so I got to be careful I've already

spent 15 bucks and I don't want to go

super overboard but it's important to

understand that these bigger bags that

we're gonna get I'm gonna get a couple

of that applications out of these so I'm

not overly concerned about the $16

charge on the bag it stipulates

that I'm going to only get annually

spread 100 to 150 pounds and so this is

a 50 pound bag so they really want you

to put this down heavy now for overall

health I need a seek help option you'd

be surprised what you can find in the

stores now for overall health I was

looking for some seek health when I kind

of found a bomb product here

great eight two one zero zero with

Norwegian seek help now the reason why

I'm excited about this is because

already has an 8% humic acid in here so

I can actually put that pelletize humic

back save some money on this now the the

mix rate is 8 to 12 ounces per thousand

square feet now price-wise were only 40

bucks for two and a half gallon jug or

three hundred and twenty ounces and we

are 19 dollars on a 1 gallon jug now

price per serving a 10 ounces this is

going to be a dollar 25 per thousand

square feet and this is gonna be about

about a dollar so really really good

price I'm gonna be using some seek help

options so I think I'm gonna go with the

more expensive one but just know that

you don't have to break the bank and you

can get the $19 one great find

so a couple of things to think about I

put the humic back because we're gonna

end up going with the sea kelp combo

which already has humic in it next on

list so I gotta grab my miners pack now

prices can be seen this evening this one

comes in at $14.99 and this one comes in

at $22 so you would just anticipate that

that one's just going to be a better

product overall but let's kind of do a

side-by-side comparison of everything

that is in here so this one has a 10%

ammoniacal nitrogen this one has zero on

this side we've got two percent

magnesium and our sulfur rate is really

really high which is what I like and

then on this side we have a magnesium

rate of three and sulphur that is

dramatically lower now our iron on this

is a seven six we're on the get green

we're coming in at four percent and the

magnesium is two percent on the get

green and the micro pack

we are 3.9

now our zinc here is at 1% and our zinc

here is that 2% now after careful

consideration for what I'm about to do

the micro packet is going to be a better

fit than know that we're talking about

0% nitrates but where my lawn is at how

much I should even got washed out

earlier because of all the rainstorms

I'm still gonna have to buy some sort of

a granular to get me through the next 8

weeks on the nitrogen so that's gonna

supplement anyway so I don't have to

worry about it

now the magnesium the iron the zinc and

the manganese are higher in this in my

price it's cheaper so we're gonna go

with this one

now the other food for thought that I

have is is buying that calcium sulfate

has a ton of sulfur in it so I'm not too

concerned I'm not getting a 16% sulfur

out of my little micro pack it seems a

little beast I'm sure you guys are

noticing that I don't have a granular

product in my stack right now I try to

avoid as much nitrogen as I can during

the growing period unless I'm doing

recovery recovery is a big deal for me

however this mix that I have I'm gonna

be pretty happy with it I'm just

debating if I'm gonna pick up something

with a little bit of potassium in it so

I feel like that's about all we're

missing for overall health now even if I

went to the mid and low rate of the bag

this is a great choice for me to

supplement that little micro pack

without having any problems I need about

4% to supplement the iron that's in

those micro packs and also the zinc now

the nice thing about this is I'm getting

a little bit more zinc it's not much

it's just trace nutrients on here and I

get a little bit more iron which is what

I was hoping for and a little bit more

sulfur which I was hoping for as well

for my area alright so the price on this

pretty decent twenty bucks basically

give or take

it's a twenty five five ten now we

talked about what is in the bags now we

are at a 5.3 so and we know it's not

going to burn 13% urea but it is coated

slow release nitrogen so I can put this

down and I can get about eight weeks out

of it if I wanted to and the application

rate is four to six pounds now to put

you it roughly the sixth I'm ready to

put you roughly at about three quarter

pound of N

so as long as you don't do that too much

it should get you through about eight

weeks if you are shooting to be four to

six pounds of nitrogen over the season

earlier took out the humate granular and

are replaced it with a combination of

sea kelp and humic now when it comes

down to liquids getting into the plant

is the number one priority right so I'm

gonna look for a penetrant I really like

my methylated sea toys let's see what

they have

okay here we are with the MSOs I just

like the MSS I think they're faster

acting that's just my opinion on it so

that's what I'm looking for as you can

see we have this Monterey for this

smaller one it's 1.12 $12.99 and then we

get down here this one's one quart for

eight forty nine I think that's an

obvious option alright let's get going

come on Miriam let's do it now before

you start hitting in the comments ginger

I don't want to spend one hundred and

fifteen dollars on one app let me remind

you guys we're getting multiple uses out

of this we've got the humates in the sea

kelp I'm gonna use that three or four

times a year no problem and it's a

dollar per thousand square feet that's

really inexpensive especially at a

big-box store now the other thing is is

the micro pack I'm gonna get a lot of

uses I'll post it in the video how many

servings I'm gonna get out of that I

want to say it was around 18 so for $15

for 18 servings that's also really

really good now my fertilizer cost was

fairly high at $15 you know or $22 for

the bag had I not put it down at the

high rate I would have gotten three uses

out of that or at least two uses out of

that no problem now if you guys feel

like this is a cost-effective way of

doing it it cost-effective if you don't

feel like it's cost effective say no way

ginger in the comments below

now friendly reminder out there if you

guys are internet search warriors you

can get these costs almost in half per

thousand square feet as long as you know

that you're buying for the

future so do your due diligence I'll

post some links in the description to

other or comparable products now I'm

gonna use the humates

and the calcium for my dog urine spot

prevention now the sea kelp is a boost

for overall health but similar to the

humates it's going to help me retain

water which is a really big thing right

now when it's 90 degrees outside as you

can see my lawn doesn't look too bad

front and back things are coming alive

I'm just focusing on the watering but

guys if you guys have any questions or

concerns hit me up in the comments you

know I'd love to help you out this is my

July 4 laser mix so the next time guys

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