Can You Know You Want To Marry Someone After Only Six Months Of Dating?

a recent survey showed that 56 percent

of men and 54% of women want to discuss

marriage after they've been dating for

six months is six months enough time to

get to know someone you I'm 29 years old

I still have some time to get I don't

fully know myself so how can you get to

know somebody in six months I mean I was

married divorced and then met my husband

and I knew the first night and people

say oh that's cheesy but I knew I said

I'd never felt safe like that before and

I knew that's gonna be a hell no look in

six months you are still dating

somebody's representative you don't even

know who they are now on my show to Rome

for love I took five women to Rome today

to tell you men and I had to constantly

remind them that a great first date does

not mean it's time to start planning a

wedding and like does not mean love so

just relax and ease into this thing yeah

okay ladies I'm gonna let you in on a

male secret something you've never heard

before a man knows in six months if

you're the I Got News for you we know in

six months is year two what we're not

gonna tell you this but we know in six

months is you don't want we got nothin

else for you I promise you we don't no

way we are very simple if you have what

we want to offer if you have you have to

offer what we want in six months we know

and then we ain't going nowhere that's

the secret to the whole thing make them

maybe it is women that need one more

time because I don't believe in those

quickie meet engagement get married

right away because when two people get

married Steve hear me out you stand

there and you're gonna pledge your life

to somebody for forever and in your

heart I think people really believe is

gonna be forever yeah

but forever is a long time so what is

the rush a little change

into this hole oh but take your time and

you're not sure listen when you know you

kind of know you know what you alright

I'm not promoting everybody should get

married after six months cuz you

shouldn't no but listen to what I'm

saying to you okay me know if you're the

one after six months now that don't mean

is some stuff we need to find out you

don't need to do doesn't mean that the

discovery stage is over right I think

there's more things you need to discover

but initially it takes us six months to

figure out of you to wanna die if it's

not we go trust me that's real talk

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