When Is It Too late In The Season to Split A Beehive?


hello bearded Beattyville

welcome back to being KB's so as you may

know because of all of the split videos

well I guess all of them I think I've

only done one first day of July splits I

planned on doing a bunch of videos and

forgot my tripod but so because of the

split video that I just put out you know

that I'm making splits and you know that

it's mid July and a question that I get

asked a lot especially this time of year

is how late is too late to be making the

split and that's a difficult question to

answer with a you know one-line answer

you need to know a lot more like what

kinds of split you want to be making and

what kind of eventual situation you want

that split to be in going into winter so

we are making this is our last round of

splits here in mid-july and these are

with Queen cells if I do make any more

splits at all throughout the rest of the

year it will be with mated Queens but my

general line of thinking is I want each

hive to have about two months six weeks

to two months of laying queen flight

action before cluster time before the

bees are deciding it's time to start you

know acting like winter bees and

clustering at night and all that so my

mark for that is the beginning of

October because we never know what's

gonna happen here in Michigan in October

we can get just real frigid weather it

could be you know flight weather the

whole month but you just definitely

cannot plan on that so I want to have

all of August and all of September with

a lady mated and laying queen and I want

them to have flight time throughout all

of that in order to probably think and

gather stores and have the ability to

put up the syrup that I'm gonna give

them to make them

appropriate winter weight so my idea is

in terms of making a split with a queen

cell or a walkaway split early July is

about as earlier early to mid July is

about as late as as you should go with

that in my opinion and then if you're

going to push it a little bit further

late July early August is about as late

as I would do it with a mated Queen

because once again I want them to have

about two months to really really seal

everything off and make sure that

everything is a you know good looking

good for winter and so it takes them

some time also to take in the syrup that

I give them and dehydrate that enough so

it doesn't turn into booze and all that

kind of stuff so you can definitely

definitely get into trouble trying to

push this envelope and go late in the

year so as it goes later into the year

we're pulling stronger and stronger

splits we did do those thin splits on

the angry hives like a week or ten days

ago and those may or may not need a

frame of brood before the end of this

month in order to be able to have enough

bees to take care of the eggs that that

queen is going to lay but regardless of

those splits the splits we're doing now

this week are five frame minimum and

we're talking four frames of solid

sheets of brood so that once again when

the Queen comes back from her mating

flight there's more than enough nurse

bees and more than enough resources to

be able to take care of everything that

she wants to do because these young

Queens not having gone through a spring

build-up really likes to lay up a large

nest through and you know up until the

the beginning of October so what we like

to do is make sure that they have enough

bees to make sure that they can rear a

large nest throughout those last two

months of the be here and then kind of

shrink that nest in on you know to a

more appropriate October size while I'm

putting the winter syrup on

so they're gonna really really brewed up

in August and September and then on in

October I am going to put a bucket of

syrup over top of them or late September

and that syrup is kind of going to

shrink that brood nest as those bees

emerge it's gonna shrink and shrink and

shrink and they're gonna backfill that

whole area and then these 10 frame

singles that'll go into winter are just

gonna be heavy as heck every single

frame in the box that's going to be

heavy as heck and there are going to be

tons and tons of young winter bees

because of these young Queens that had

the latter portion of the year to brood

up so let me know if you have any

questions that might have been a lot of

information in a quick little video but

once again my idea is I like to have two

months of mated laying clean and two

months of flight time before October so

this is about the last time I will be

doing anything without a mated Queen and

if I make any splits later than mid-july

it will be what they made it Queen so

get out there and get your splits done

if you still haven't done your increases

in your in this geographical area

because our time is ticking down so as

you see here I did one two three four

five six seven eight nine splits and

this yard today I still have that pallet

there and then that pallet there to go

through it was so hot earlier and I was

drenched in sweat and I had forgotten

anything to drink but I felt like I said

a pass out so I had to leave earlier go

get something to drink and cool off and

so now I'm back not to do that work I'm

gonna do that tomorrow but I am back to

pick these what's up to bring them back

to the Queen yard so that when I have

Queen cells ready for them all I have to

do is walk it out of the door and place

them in these hives so just to show you

what I mean by strong splits we're doing

five framer

five frames in the box but three you're

covered with bees five frames of bees be

covered frames so for she to brood one

frame of food and then these singles

it's even more than that I believe that

one has seven and that one might have

eight with at least five sheets of brood

and a bunch of food those are heavy

already so once again they're gonna have

the resources available to take care of

anything all those eggs and stuff that

that that Queen puts in there not stuff

it's just eggs all those eggs that turn

into larvae and are gonna need food

they're gonna have enough bees and

enough food to take care of that and by

October 1st I imagine these boxes are

gonna be just jam-packed full of bees

and super super heavy so let me know if

you have any questions like I said I

think that that was a lot of information

in a real quick video but it's an

important topic and one that you can

really really shoot yourself in the foot

if you don't you know pay attention to

it because we don't as humans we aren't

necessarily thinking about winter in

July mid July it's it's hot it's like 94

degrees right now but these bees are and

they need a lot of things to be set

right in order for me to feel good about

them going into winter so that's why

this is our last round of split so

thanks for watching get out there and

have some fun with your beads see ya