The Earliest I’ve Said “I Love You”

- I told someone I loved him a week after us dating.

I'm starting to get hot, this story.


(soft contemporary music)

- The quickest I ever said "I love you" to someone

was my high school boyfriend because he said it

first at like 3 weeks in.

- Okay, I think 6 months.

- 6 months.

- Certainly not early, 3 months?

- 2 months into a relationship.

- My first love in 7th grade.

It only lasted a summer, but I'm sure within that summer

we dropped the "L-bomb" a few times.

- A year?

- I'm not the one to say it first.

- But I always feel it first.

- [Voiceover] I flew across the country to New York

and after about 5 days, we were in cab on the

Queensborough Bridge and I just had to say it.

- We were at a rave.


- We were high school loves that did end up happening

but at the time I was like

- I think the first time that we said it was actually

through, like, messaging.

- Like a sea of people in the stand and we were

up in the stadium and I was like, "I love you."

- And my vision just went red, because I was like,

"What did I just do? I just said that!"

But he said it back, so it was good.

- [Voiceover] It can be too soon to tell someone

that you love them.

- It is when you're young.

You're just so excited to be in love with somebody

because you haven't been in love with somebody before,

so you're like, oh maybe this feeling of super-infatuation

is love, I'm just gonna say that it's love.

- I feel like you gotta wait.

It's gotta really mean something, you know.

It's gotta count.

- If you were in a monogamous exclusive relationship,

I don't think its every really too soon

if you actually feel that way.

- I think that if you're really in-tune with your partner,

you kind of sense when the right time - or you have like

a range when the right time is to say it.

- When you know, you know, but

you're afraid to tell the other person.

You know, it's more like an understanding of

a conversation you need to have.

- If you're legitimately in love with someone,

and it's like legit, then it's okay to tell them

whenever you want.

If you're gonna harm your relationship by telling

someone that you love them too soon,

then there's a lot of other issues going on.

- At then end of the day, you should have a

"Oh, why did I say that?" versus a, "What if...?"

Because that person could get hit by a bus

and then you're gonna regret not saying it.

You're never gonna know if they felt it back.

- I think you should say, "I love you" without expecting

anything in return.

- If you say it too soon,

sometimes there's nothing wrong with that.

- I feel like the beautiful thing with"I love you"

is that you can say it in a bunch of different ways.

"Don't forget an umbrella, it's raining."

The little things you do,

like brushing someone's hair back behind their ear,

getting that piece of food out of their teeth.

- When you feel it, you feel it, right?

- I don't know, I don't know

when you actually know you're in love.

Maybe when you have the strength

to say that you're in love.

(creaking noise)