Smoker Temperature Control - Controlling Smoker Temp Tips

hey welcome back to how to barbecue

right I'm Malcolm Reed today I want to

take some time and answer some of the

most common questions that we get on our

Facebook and Twitter and today we're

talking about how to control your pit

temperature keep it at that steady Tim

and that's really simple it comes down

to one thing and that's controlling the

air in your pit a fire needs air or

oxygen to burn and it's critical for any

BBQ grill doesn't matter what kind

you're cooking on to get proper airflow

the best way to learn this is to get out

there and practice with your pit now I'm

not talking about loading it up with

meat and starting cooking that's not the

way you want to go about it you want to

start out with nothing on the pits build

you a good bed of fire and learn what

controlling your dampeners for your

intake and your exhaust do air has to

flow into your firebox wherever it's at

to burn the coal that you have in there

you want to make sure that you've got

proper air flow coming in and then as it

enters and heats up and gets in your

cooking chamber it's got to have a way

to exit so you've got to have enough

space for the draw it out that's what's

going to create this cooking process

where we're bringing the heat and we're

bringing the smoke throughout the pit

it's going to turn that barbecue out

perfect every time

so the best thing that you can do is

fire that pit up with nothing on it

spend a little time controlling your

dampers see them where they like to run

making sure you get air inside to your

firebox and letting it draw out through

your pit you should see thin blue smoke

that's exactly what we want when we're

burning good clean wood and attempts

should stay right where you want them

and some of the most common questions I

get about maintaining pit temperature

are our temperatures too low what do I

do about temperatures too high it's

running away from me or how do I get

that thin blue smoke all I'm seeing sick

white smoke most of these go back to air

flow problems if your tips too low

you're going to have to increase the

size of your air intake so he can get

more air in

that's going to bring that pit up to the

proper operating temperature now if you

still have good air flow and your temps

still stay on low it has to be

restricted some way there's too much

meat on the pit or something's causing

that airflow

not to draught through your pit if your

pits too high you want to cut back that

airflow the fire is burning way hotter

than it needs to it's causing the cook

chamber temperature to skyrocket that's

when you want to leave your exhaust open

so it flows but you check back the air

intake so we're going to slow that fire

down it's not going to put off as many

BTUs as we restrict in that oxygen it's

getting that's going to maintain and

hold it in that proper smoking zone

where you're wanting it and if you're

seeing that dick white smoke your woods

not burning properly it's going to have

to have a little bit more area to get

hot where that wood can go ahead and

combust using wet wood that could be one

problem but more than likely you've got

to have proper air those coals need to

be good and hot and it's going to make

that drive would go right to the burn

stage where it produces thin blue almost

invisible smoke and it's perfect for

giving flavor to your barbecue hey I

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