A Navy SEAL Explains Why He’ll Never Go Skydiving As A Civilian Again

skydiving is something that I really

enjoyed and the SEAL team I attempted to

transition to military from military

skydiving to get my civilian rating and

it was just an awkward scary process

I remember going down to the drop zone

in San Diego I'm getting checked in and

then the guy that that comes in and it's

supposed to sign me off and do I think

it was like five jumps and he comes in

and looked like he just did a big bong

rip in the back and yeah I'm going

really is this is this what it's come

down to so I get my shoot which is a

little bit different than the military I

get it on and you know the planes doing

laps and picking people up and he says

hey you're ready to go bro and I said

yeah we're good he's I was like but

aren't you gonna check me he's like oh

you look good man and I'm thinking to

myself at that point wow this is crazy

if we were in the military to go on a

skydive we would suit up I would get a

seal a fellow seal skydiver to check me

he would go through and check all my

straps my altimeter my pins in the back

my safety device it's gonna fire if if

you don't pull at a certain altitude and

then I would check him so here I am into

the San Diego drop zone with this stoner

guy that's about to take me jumping and

he's like yeah bro you're good and I was

like okay he didn't even look at me and

at that point I was like you know trying

to like double check myself plus the

planes are really cramped and I'm used

to like running out and doing a backflip

off of a c-130 ramp with with ten of my

buddies who you really trust and so it

it was just the the whole experience for


transitioning from military skydiving to

civilian was just a huge turnoff