How to TRAIN for your Baseball Season during the WINTER! [Office Hours with Coach Madden] Ep.76


office hours with Coach Madden what's up

guys hope everything's going well for

you I'm sure by the time this video

uploads a couple weeks from now so a lot

of you guys are gonna start having your

tryouts for the season maybe some of you

guys in the colder States might be a

little bit later but as a matter of fact

that's a perfect time to mention this

because this question comes from someone

in the colder States I believe it does I

don't know it's talks about that anyway

I got the question on snapchat if you've

got a question baseball question that

you want answered hit me up on snapchat

john madden 1882 or on instagram at the colder States

still train in the winter as much as the

warmer States is there a limit of

workouts that I can do can I get a reply

I watched your YouTube video on how to

play professional baseball desire video

that's what he was talking about when he

said very motivating if you haven't seen

that video go check it out it's another

office hours episode I believe but go

check it out it's a good one it's a good


so the question can the colder States

train just like the warmer states yes

you can get it done now is it gonna be

harder yeah it's gonna be harder you

your resources are more limited you

can't do as much you don't have as much

opportunity as the guys in the warmer

say who can get outside and do whatever

the hell they want right but you cannot

let the cold outside be an excuse for

you not training you got to figure

something out I know you guys got

basements up there you know you could do

a lot of stuff in a basement you don't

have the space per se but you can do so

much stuff in there in fact you can even

throw and get ready for a season in a

small area I did it one day one season

before a professional season I don't

have any

throw it I moved out in the boondocks in

the middle of nowhere it was like an

hour to get to anywhere and I don't have

anyone to throw it so I set up there was

a hill outside of my house I took a

bucket of balls and I was thrown into

the hill and then I would come inside I

built the mound in my garage which was a

small garage built a mound and I put up

a piece of plywood I had pillows taped

to it and I spray-painted dots on the

pillows and I would go through and I'll

throw my bullpens in this short garage

right there I just made it happen like

you can't have you can't have excuses I

know sometimes it sucks living up there

because it's so cold but you got to get

it done if you want it bad enough you

got to figure out a way to get it done I

don't know what that is because I don't

know what your setup is but you just

have to have that mindset like no matter

what I'm gonna make sure I'm ready for

the season

and I'm gonna do what I have to do to

get it done that's it and you'll figure

it out if you want it bad enough you

will figure it out all right let me know

if you guys live in the cold states let

me know what you do to Train like if you

train in a small area I know there's a

lot of indoor facilities up there I know

a lot of you guys go to those let me

know which facility you go to give a

shout out what facility you go to and

also just let me know some things that

you do at home or or at school or

whatever it is to work on your game when

it's cold outside let me know leave a

comment below if you again if you've got

any questions hit me up on a snapchat or

the Instagram and I'll be happy to

answer your question if you got a good

one so thanks guys

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