Pressure Washing In the Winter Months!


hey it's Ben Hill with WNC watch

brothers in this video we're gonna talk

about pressure washing and winter it is

winter it's about 27 degrees outside yes

you still can't spray water however with

our particular case we have a heated

shop now so our water stays very very

warm overnight so I kind of gives us a

jump of the edge to be able to do at

least one big top today's we run a small

job or doing a gutter cleaning house

wash on this double-wide it's about a

mile about two miles from the shop so we

kind of lucked out on this one so I

don't mind running these smaller jobs as

her about a mile or so from the shop but

anyways let's go find Tyler snow last

night we got a mountain Clifford it came

in so I'm gonna come around the corner

here maybe we can see Tyler in action

it's very very slick coming around the

corner Tyler

so see what you do I'll spin the camera

around for you and show you how this

cleaning solution acts when it's well

below freezing so we got Tyler applying

we've already done the rents and now

we're applying our cleaning solution but

anyways so in the colder in the colder

days pretty much the only thing that you

really have to be concerned with is this

your dwell time and making sure your

batch is strong enough but it still

works just a little bit longer dwell

sometimes you have to use a gutter brush

but for the most part as long as you

have a strong enough batch it'll work

but still typically speak and we run in

about a 3/4 or 1% mix I'm not gonna do

any time-lapse photography I'm gonna let

Tyler do its thing

so typically speaking what what we do is

instead of doing one zone at a time a

zone meaning one side of the house we

will do two zones so we'll do this small

side and that whole long side so we'll

rinse it off first then apply solution

and then we'll let it get a good set on

it and in a colder months we typically

add up just a little bit more soap

because you know when it's hot outside

everything all the ports and services

are open you don't have to put that much

soap on it and the siding kind of holds

holds the soap a little better

but anyway so we're doing like it's got

a cleaning house wash on this so if in

the colder months depending upon where

you're at watching this video you can

still wash below we mean we do roof

cleanings 26 27 28 degrees if there's

frost on the roof the best thing that

you can do is get out your ghillie gun

or get out your garden hose and kind of

open your spray up a little bit and kind

of get it wet and rinse the roof off

that'll way it'll get all the ice off of

it and then just business as usual apply

spray let it run and spray that it run


lady really needs to get her sidewalk


I may throw it in for free we adjusted

our tips on our service center because

we have the four nozzle bar running only

out of five and a half gallon a minute

machine little did I know that those

four tip bars are specially for a gallon

a minute machines because they run a

twenty five degree angle at a three

three two orifice tip which two tips

there's four tip times 2 that's 8 8

gallons a minute so we plug two of them

put a 25 degree you put 2500 threes in

them grunts flawlessly so very very very

happy even though we don't have four

nozzles now it's all good thanks

powers doing the port area when we do

our house washing anything that is

permanently attached to the house is

included not the thickest two handrails

or anything that would be part of our

decks but if there's that overhanging

porch we do the ceilings the trim around

the outside and the beams the house and

everything again and that's just a very

high-end home you know multi-million

dollar estate and they screen in we

don't even fully it could just be a more

time kind of get the water out of there

so anyways father is it called so you

know we're out here shaking and begging

doesn't really matter we don't get to

the shop at seven o'clock in the morning

like we normally do we push it out about

8:00 so today we actually met about 9:00

because it got down about 25 degrees

last night thermometer or the new set

feels about 17 it's very very cold


boots are everything multiple layers

socks I'll shoot I'll shoot another

video here coming up but we found some

new gloves that are insulated that keep

your fingers wet and dry and they're

completely coated tease and break up ice

dams and gutters get your hands wet

hands are still dry very very warm

Tyler a pair of them this week but

anyways thought let's shoot a quick

video for you guys you haven't done so

yet like this video comment below where

you're at what city state meeting you

have any questions drop them in the

comments below make sure you share it


this is Ben Hill with w NT wash bros

wash on the friends