Is it too Late for You to Become a Pro Soccer Player?

what's going on guys Matt here from

become elite and today I just want to go

over the question that I probably get

asked more than anything else

I think I get this question asked me

either through an email a comment or a

DM probably about once a day and so this

question pretty much goes along the

lines of hey Matt I'm a

fourteen-year-old soccer player I'm a

fifteen-year-old soccer player I'm an

eighteen-year-old soccer player I'm a

twenty-year-old soccer player I'm eleven

year-old soccer player from anywhere I

play for this club team I trained this

many hours a week is it too late for me

to become a professional soccer player

so many people are asking me if it's too

late for them to become pro and you know

it is a good question and when I was

younger I had this question of time but

the honest-to-god truth is I can't

answer that and nobody can answer that

but yourself and it sounds cheesy and it

sounds cliche and it just isn't the

answer that you guys want to hear and I

know you guys are probably mad but it's

the honest-to-god truth and here's the

two reasons why I really don't like that

question because number one it is

impossible to tell you can't tell if a

guy is about to be a pro if he's on the

semi-pro level doing great scoring tons

of goals you still have no idea if he's

going to earn that professional contract

the next year I knew guys who had tons

and tons of goals in college there had

semi-pro you know teams looking at them

they had pro teams looking at them they

had everything and then for one reason

or another they didn't get a pro

contract I've also had seen players that

went under the radar all through college

loads you know smaller teams d2 teams d3

teams but they end up signing a

professional contract because just

that's the way it worked out they worked

harder in some other aspect of the game

and so there's just you can't really

tell no matter who or what type of

player you are also especially as a

younger player you have so many more

years of development and there's so many

different factors that come into it it's

literally impossible because like I've

said before you know I've known players

that were on the number one team the

state they were the best player on the

state that were ODP they were regional

they were national team and they had you

know basically it seemed like these guys

were going to be a pro and they fizzled

out for whatever reason it was

they just didn't get to the pro level

and I've seen you know for fix for

example for myself I didn't play club

soccer when I was 14 years old when I 15

through 17 I was on the B team in might

of my club team so if you would have

looked at me and the other players that

were on the national teams and

everything you would have assumed that

the national team players would have

become the pros but that's just not how

it works there's so many different

things how hard are you working outside

of practice how many hours are you

putting in the gym how many hours are

you putting in the field how many how

focused and how much effort are you

really doing in all of your workouts and

then it also is what about your body

type you know do you really have the

right body type for your position are

you in the right position to you the

right coach is coaching you do you and

there's external factors that you can't

control are you seen at the right time

does a scout come to your game when you

score a hat-trick or does the Scout come

to your game when you have one of your

worst games you just never know

there's so many different factors that

come into it it's impossible to tell and

so I know you know you guys don't like

receiving the answer if I can't tell you

I don't know that's obviously not fun to

hear but it's the truth I can't tell you

and the second reason why I really don't

like this question is because you should

never listen to anybody you know if I

tell you that no it is too late for you

to become a pro why would you listen to

me if you think that you can become a

pro and in your heart you really think

that you can do it that's the only

person you need to listen to if you

don't think it's too late it's not too

late in high school I was told that I

couldn't play Division one college

soccer by multiple multiple coaches and

multiple multiple parents and multiple

multiple teammates so if I were to

listen to any of them and not go with my

gut and think that I can really go play

d1 I would have quit but I thought that

I could go play d1 my dad thought I

could go play d1 and you know my dad was

really supportive but even if my dad

thought I couldn't and I thought I could

I would have still tried to do it too

many people are told that they can't do

stuff when it really only boils down to

if you think you can do it

you know I didn't want this to be like a

motivational message I didn't want this

to be cheesy or cliche but that question

is just so hard to answer and even if it

is air can be answered by a coach or

somebody you don't need to listen to

that answer because the truth is that

most the time they don't know either

because it's impossible to tell so the

message I want you to get from this

video is just number one if you think

that it's not too late and you think you

can still be a pro then you can still

become a pro and number two if someone

tells you that you can't and it is too

late don't listen to that person so

those are my two things you need to take

from this video you know I don't want to

say like never listen to anybody never

trust anybody because some coaches can't

help you or some coaches might you know

really need to give you the the truth

and just be like you can't do this you

can't do this or whatever but at the

same time if you really think you can

and you have a good shot a good

realistic shot at doing it then go for

it there's no reason why you should stop

is it too late for you become a pro if

you think it's too late then it's too

late if you don't think it's too late

then it's not too late and that's it

guys that's what I want to talk about

today so I hope this helped you I hope

this answer your question even though if

it wasn't a direct answer but sometimes

you know life isn't certain so you just

got to go out and seize the day and

seize the training and just work as hard

as you possibly can so you don't regret

not working hard later down the road so

that's what I want to talk to you about

today that's it that's it for the video

have a great day

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