When is it too cold to paint the outside of your house in the Philadelphia / Mainline PA area?

so it's a beautiful day here in the

middle of October and this weather

surely won't last but in our part of the

country which is southeast Pennsylvania

just outside of Philadelphia in Wayne

Pennsylvania we typically can paint

houses all the way through Thanksgiving

it gets a little bit dodgy season gets

closer and closer to the end there may

only be a couple of nice days a week and

we'll take advantage of those days and

be out and do the painting but usually

the cutoff date is somewhere around

Thanksgiving for nolan painting and we

try not to push it too much there's been

some years where we've been able to

paint a little bit longer but then

decided to stop just because it was it

was more risky and then as far as the

seasonality in the spring we typically

get started painting in the spring