Too Cold To Bass Fish ft. Apbassin -- VLOG #20

it's becoming a regular deals door every

time I do one of these travel vlogs it

it snows I need to stop traveling

because every time I leave here in

Illinois it looks look like this settle

right now freezing rain is falling from

the sky I'm just wondering why because

um it's it's early April here in here in

Indiana see this would be fine this

would be okay if I was just driving but

here's the problem the issue is I'm

going to essentially have to be fishing

in this weather tomorrow it's going to

be doing the same thing that's what the

forecast is calling for this is insane

it really is crazy I have to show you

guys how nasty this is oh well it just

stopped so I can't show you how nasty

this I give it another dude this looks

dangerous you're gonna need to have two

hands but drop it I got it just drop it


all right well you haven't noticed yet I

made it to Miami

Chris is up there taking his sweet time

that's that then we gotta wait for APA

peace still in Nashville that's who's

trying to do we are hopping on 70s right

now coming in hot coming in hot

I turned the camera on not not because

we're get on the interstate right now

but because Chris has got a fabulous

story to tell me right now tell me what

you're about to tell me first set up the

scenario whoops oh absolutely I'm sure

many of you know Joe Thomas from steals

really outdoors he also is the

ultimate match fishing this what is

right a jellyfish is ultimate fishing my

boat needs some works down at the local

Dixie Marine and I pull up parked my car

parked my trailer and I noticed there's

Joe Thomas's and like all sweet Joe

Thomas is there like I'm not gonna say

hi it's not that big of a deal but it's

pretty cool to see Joe Thomas and he's

picking up his new year his new model

boat parked my car up in the grass

there's no wheel chocks so I parked it

way back in the grass will be fine I

leave the boat for some work I go off to

my gas to the gas station get gas and

the marina calls me saying hey you

better come back the winds push the boat

of good luck twenty twenty-five yards

across the parking lot kind of nailed

Joe Thomas Riddick he wasn't too happy

about that and the marina wasn't but Joe

Thomas was a really cool guy about it

like he was he was very understanding

and we got it figured out but yeah

always check your wheel tires

I heard I've heard of this story I've

seen it in text but never got to hear in

person that was beautiful see now you're

you're known as the dude who has boat

problems in Traverse City or Lake

Michigan you happen to have one wasn't


yeah you're right but it was accidents

there's just like I got the hydraulics

fixed by the way that story was amazing

made it we're here they did good timing

despite this uh this terrible weather

I'm sorry if this looks so blue I just

don't feel like changing my white

balance we're here

gun gun hey you can't shake Kris and I

are in the in the garage right now we

are getting all rigged up we're waiting

on what's that kid's name hey he-hey ap

Bassem ap duster he goes Alabama and he

left at 1:00 p.m. he's complaining to us

via text message that oh I'm stuck in

traffic it's so late well Alex maybe you

shouldn't have left at 1:00 p.m. if

you've got a ten hour drive to Ohio

that's just a little little tip for you

guys if you got a big fishing trip don't

sleep in and and you know don't leave so

late so don't be an AP bass in other

words that can apply to many different

facets of life as well don't be an 80

bathroom did you say facets parrot

finally made it 11 p.m. shocking I know

you finally made it

the other zoo confirmed you to new

sponsor Lululemon you're like dice T

you're sucked out like a duck here here

here here dude he's got Lulu and the

bozo yeah what is this little thing I

was the drug don't touch it okay so you

here's the deal they drain the lake and

all the fish are dead

so would you bring your boat what do you

got - a tripod I'm gonna get inside it a

little chilly man I need your help okay

Chris that's all you did alright it's

like negative 12 you guys can have fun

with that dude we're staying for two

days yeah but I'm not I've come back the

NOI do you have closed your home no he's

gonna follow you with the camera

oh you're sleeping here I'm in no mood

to be screwed with right now I can't be

actually came we were kidding we didn't

actually want you to come