How cold is too cold for your dog?


today we will be talking about how cold

is too cool for your pets being outside

what temperatures are good for dogs

being sleeping outside or outside so

generally you're too cold to be outside

it's probably going to be too cold to

your dogs most of the time if you are in

Texas like we are you have a little bit

more time so generally you know

yesterday was 40 degrees today at 70 so

if you have to be outside and you need

to put on a jacket that's about the time

I would say okay let's really think

about how cold it is for your dog to

stay outside because if you're going to

be uncomfortable being out there for

more than about 20 minutes especially if

you need a jacket to be outside it's

probably going to start to be too cold

for a lot of dogs

what dog breeds are good to sleep


sure so most of the time if it's a

doggie you can think of that has a ton

of fur like Huskies or German Shepherds

or things that have a lot more fluff

they're gonna be better insulated

against the cold if you have a three

pound wallet that has almost no hair

there probably and I have a harder time

in the cold for the people that cannot

have the dogs inside how can you keep

them warm yeah so most of this might if

you kind of apply the three wall idea so

they need everything in three sides at

least and then they need been an


so the straw are pay it seems kind of

weird to do that in the city but that's

a really good insulator but blankets

things like that to kind of keep them

work but they really need three sides

cuz they can kind of get against the

wind and then our roofs in case there's

you know more wind or rain or snow or

anything like that what are the effects

if a dog gets a preservative yeah so it

can look like a lot of different things

sometimes they just look really tired

sometimes they can even get frostbite if

it's pulled it up sometimes will even

have just damage to their actual tissue

either your skin order paw pads or you

know their belly if they're on something

cold or on something that's frozen for a

long period of time especially if they

have less care to cover them up is it

possible that they will be surviving or

it's my teens it depends on the dog and

it depends on how healthy they are

otherwise just like people you know if

you are you know a young healthy person

that can kind of be a little bit more

resilient then you know save someone

that's 85 and doesn't have a lot of body

fat reserves that's obviously going to

be a better situation you know if you

have a three-year-old really healthy

fluffy Golden Retriever outside probably

better than in eighteen year old free

couch wallet you know so it just kind of

depends on the dog and how cold it is

and what the situation is but it's

possible especially in Texas it doesn't

get that cold but absolutely something's

bold enough that we have to deal with


sometimes thank you so much you have to

go over for helping us in teaching us to

keep your dog safe