When is it Too Cold for Dogs? Helpful Guidelines

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article can dogs stand cold weather when

is it too cold for dogs now I'm not

going to read you this article I'm just

using this article kind of as the

guideline for today's video so that we

can go over the points and so that I

don't forget anything in the description

box of this video I'm going to give you

the link to this article so you're gonna

be able to go here you're gonna be able

to read the whole article if you want

you're gonna be able to click on the

links in it okay and like I said I'm

also going to give you the link in the

description box to the video I did last

week kind of goes along with this same

subject now I live in western New York I

live in the Buffalo area so I do know

what cold is and I do know that winter

can be very dangerous not only here but

in other parts of the country in other

parts of the world not only because of

you know like snow and ice make the

roads hazardous but because the

temperature gets so cold that people in

animals can and do actually die okay so

it's a very serious issue it's not just

about being cold and uncomfortable it

in my part of the country it's it can be

life or death and and believe me I'm not

being overdramatic

unfortunately dogs and cats freeze to

death in this area in other areas of the

country every year so I'm just trying to

get the word out of things you can do

things that pet owners can do to help

prevent not only the death of an animal

but just the animal being uncomfortable

who wants to be cold right so what's the

guidelines when is it too cold for dogs

and a lot of this also obviously applies

to cats too any pet really and kids and

us right playing in the snow with your

dog these are two Huskies that belong to

my girlfriend Cathy they're so beautiful

she gave me permission to use their

picture for my website now lots of dogs

absolutely love playing in the snow

I personally had a poodle named peppy

when I was a kid and he would love to go

out in the snow and put his little nose

down and run and he was just like a

little snowplow through the snow and he

loved it but the thing is is he had some

fur you know he had curly poodle fur and

he was so keeping out in the cold for a

little bit and playing in the snow but

when he was cold he was cold when he

needed to be brought in when he got too

cold and that's what today's video is

going to be about a dog that gets too

cold they can develop hypothermia that's

when their body temperature falls below

normal if their body temperature

continues to follow their muscles will

stiffen their breathing and heart rate

will slow and they could actually die

frostbite is also a very real

possibility for dogs and cats their ears

the tips of their ears especially their

tails and their paws and also their


um can very easily get frostbite it's a

really um it's a really serious issue

and that's one of them one of the main

reasons that you should be watching out

for your dog or cat when the

temperatures are cold there's no

absolute number it's not like a certain

degrees of when is too cold for your

animal things like wind chills can make

the air feel colder than the thermometer

reads there's things like freezing rain

ice sleet that bring all their dangers

into the picture so it's really all

about good sense it's really all about

common sense and I always say when in

doubt don't

you know if you think your dog is too

cold to be left outside don't leave them

outside if you think it's too cold to

take your dog for a walk don't okay and

always err on the side of caution okay

always that are on the side of caution

when you're trying to make a decision

about your pets in the cold weather

which breeds are our most vulnerable

some dogs are bred to live in colder

climates like a like a husky for example

they've got the thick were full fur coat

but just be aware for example a husky

who lives in Florida he's not going to

be as able to put up with frigid

temperatures up here in Buffalo do you

see what I mean because if they live in

Florida their body's going to adjust

their furs gonna shed their blood is

gonna fin do you know what I mean so

just use common sense where does your

dog live what's their normal amount of

time for being outside if the dog is

rarely outside you wouldn't want to all

the sudden put them outside a lot you

know just using common sense now as a

general rule dogs with short fur will

not cope as well in frigid temperatures

as dogs with a full coat of fur like a

husky but please keep in mind a husky is

not a grizzly bear okay they're not a

grizzly bear there's still a dog and

even a grizzly bear will get too cold a

dog or a cat is a warm blooded mammal

okay they're they're not built to live

in frigid temperatures for hours at a

time even a dog with a fur coat you

don't picture yourself if it was say you

know 22 degrees and snowing outside and

I asked you to go stand on the front

porch and you said no I'll freeze my ass

off and I say well here's the fur coat

and I'd give you a fur coat to put on

are you okay with standing out on that

porch in 22 degree temperatures no the

fur coat is not the end-all be-all that

this dog is now invincible please keep

in mind there are warm blooded mammal

they will get too cold after a certain

period of time and when temperatures are

particularly frigid okay so just try to

just keep that at night and again always

err on the side of caution a smaller

breeze with short legs who have to wade

through this

or their bellies are getting wet on the

ground they're obviously going to get

more cold because they're actually

getting wet puppies can be more

vulnerable older dogs especially you

know they've got some arthritis going on

their bodies just don't work as well

their heart doesn't work as well they

can't get warm they can't stay warm

always pay special attention in the cold

to an elderly dog or cat dogs or cats

who are ill you know they're gonna be

more vulnerable to cold and just like

people some dogs just get cold more

easily have you ever lived with somebody

that walks around bundled like an Eskimo

and you're like in shorts and a tank top

born what the hell you know dogs are the

same you know some dogs and cats get

cold easier you know than other ones so

what we need to do is you know we need

to really just pay attention and we need

to know what the signs are that are that

our pet is getting too cold

you need to know your dog's limits when

it comes to the cold you should be

visiting your veterinarian regularly

healthy dogs are more capable of

handling the cold weather dogs that have

developed things like kidney disease or

heart disease or diabetes they're going

to be less able to maintain their body

temperature so knowing your dog's health

status is crucial for you to be able to

know what your dog's limits aren't going

to be for the cold and cats as well

there is an article that you can click

your help with vet bills and it's just

an article that helps people if you want

to take your animal to the vet and you

can't afford it it's just as an aside

just a helpful thing better safe than

sorry look at this cute picture this is

my little wiener dog test she's the

cutest little munchkin unfortunately I

lost her back in 2016 but you'll see her

all over my website she was my pride and

joy and loved her so much she was the

second leaner dog I had I really liked

the wiener dogs anyway here she is on a

cold winter day here she is in her

blankie she had her little tennis ball

over here you see a little raw egg chewy

that's disgusting but this is her all

bundled up and I say you know better

safe than sorry go outside with her you

know let her do her business then get

her inside with a blanket don't leave

him outside err on the side of caution

you know if it's in a middle

and you're a dog wouldn't you rather be

in this situation all tucked in inside

with the warm blankie with your owner

who you love or would you rather be

standing outside freeze in your face do

you know what I mean

let them be out there well they're

comfortable but then bring them back in

you know beasts better safe than sorry

doves who live outside I'm gonna try not

to be during this part of the

article or during this part of the video

but it really it really upsets me I

personally don't agree with dogs living

in dog houses I just don't agree with it

I think that if if you don't want your

dog to live in the house with you and

your family then you shouldn't have a

dog I think dogs are pack animals they

want to live with and among others

they're very loving they're very

affectionate they don't they aren't of

the mindset primally you know on a

primal level to be isolated and to be

alone I also think that sometimes I

think a lot of times dog and dogs end up

in the doghouse because somebody got a

puppy and they thought that was going to

be real great but then they didn't know

how to train the puppy so they ended up

with the dog being a pain in the asses

so they don't they feel too guilty to

get rid of the dog or else they can't

get rid of the dog and so they put the

dog in a dog house and that's where they

stay well in this article I'm going to

give you this link and I'll give you the

link in the description box too for the

online dog trainer it's an online dog

training site for one dollar you can

have access to more than 250 dog

training videos for three whole days so

I'm giving you that as a resource if

your dogs in the dog house because you

can't get them to stop barking or you

can't potty train them or or whatever it

is if he's chewing up your furniture

whatever wound your dog off out in the

doghouse if it was a training issue

please go to the link I'm giving you

spend the dollar spend three days on the

website and look at as many videos as

you can it's an actual professional dog

trainer teaching people step-by-step how

to train their dog I really think that

that's a lot of the reason that dogs end

up in a dog house is because people

didn't know how to train them so I'm

offering this as a solution I also think

you know unfortunately you know dogs in

our dog house and again I'm I'm not

guessing I'm basing this off my own

personal experiences I've lived in

neighborhoods where there's dogs living

in a dog house next door one of my

family members had a job living in a dog

house who literally froze to death it

was a Doberman Pinscher she was living

in a job house she literally froze to

death so I'm not making this stuff up

okay now what I have witnessed in my own

life is for example dogs being tied up

on a chain out in their dog house

they're rarely taken off the chain they

rarely are pulled out of the out of the

yard and actually taken somewhere for a

ride or a walk I've seen numerous

occasions where a dog is left out in

really super hot temperatures with not a

drop of water their dog dish dried up

the day before or two days before the

job is literally out there with no water

I think most dog houses are not well

insulated against the cold or the heat

and I've also seen dogs in the

wintertime where there's a bowl of water

out there for them but it's frozen solid

okay what good is that

can you drink an ice cube do you know

what I mean

so I really I I just personally I've had

enough bad experiences and I've

witnessed enough bad things that I don't

agree with dogs living in a dog house

and even if you're giving them ideal

conditions out there even if their dog

house is insulated and all this kind of

stuff again dogs are pack animals they

belong in the house with their pack

their people their family you I just I

really feel strongly about that but it's

one of the things that you you do need

to be aware of in frigid temperatures

that even with a dog house number one

you got to make sure that the the water

bowl isn't frozen you've got to make

sure that they're warming up in the dog

house and the other thing too is if the

temperatures are so frigid that they

have to be inside the dog house in order

to stay warm what's a dog house 3 feet

by 4 feet would you want to spend say

three months inside a 3 by 4 space where

you run

side to go poop and pee real quick and

then have to run back in would you want

to spend even a week let alone a whole

winter where you have to stay inside

this doghouse otherwise you're going to

be freezing you really have to think of

it from a realistic point of view and um

so just keep it in mind

again they're not grizzly bears they

there are frigid temperatures there's

you know there's health issues there's

frostbite there's all kinds of things

and again you're not going to change my

mind I don't agree with dogs that are

put outside to live in dog houses I

think it's cruelty I really do I don't

agree with it let's move on walking your

dog in the winter if your dog likes to

go for walks in the cold weather that's

fine but just realize especially if they

have short hair they are gonna need a

coat this is my little test this is a

little coat that I had for her and if

you watched my video last week you'll

remember that I told you about this

little coat it's a regular winter coat

material so it's like that vinyl plastic

he kind of thing that helps her stay dry

and this little dog because their little

legs are only three inches long she was

very close to the ground so her belly

would get wet with snow and ice so I

actually purchased onesies you know for

babies a little t-shirts and I put a

little onesie on underneath this little

coat and it just helped to provide a

little bit more warmth for her so I

would put this on the hood protects her

ears but keep at night her little feet

are still exposed her little nose is

still exposed you know this is a little

dachshund with short hair so even with

the coat I can take her out for a walk

but then she needs to come back in okay

because she's just not gonna be warm

enough um as far as pads you know your

dog's kit pads can be vulnerable their

little feet for frostbite and also a lot

of the salt that's used like for roads

when they plow and salt the roads and

even the salt that people use on their

sidewalks can be corrosive to your pets

feet and so just keep that in mind you

can purchase a product called I think

it's called safe paw on Amazon that um

it's been effect I think I'll put the

link I'll put the link for that in the

description box for you it's the salt

for your sidewalks that's safe

for your pets paws so I'll put a link to

that but even if you're using that

around your house still the salt that

they use on the roads is extremely

corrosive to skin and not only that

don't let them lick that off their paws

because the chemicals and some of those

can be toxic and make your animals sick

so just keep that in mind if they're

getting salt on their paws but also

obviously just frostbite if it's cold

and their little feet are wet and

walking in the snow ideally if you can

get your dog to wear boots that would be

you know obviously the ideal thing most

dogs unfortunately will not wear boots

but if you can get them to that's the

greatest the other idea is when they

come in from outside wipe their paws

with a warm washcloth or a baby wipe to

get the salt off you can also buy coats

I give you a couple links here to

Walmart and on eBay you can buy

inexpensive boots and coats for dogs and

I'm also going to give you the link to

that that salt that is safe for them but

again paws they're just like our fingers

they're very very susceptible to

frostbite okay as are their ears their

tails and their noses

now watch for signs that your dog is

getting cold these are some of the most

obvious signs but maybe not so obvious

so let's go through the list shivering

obviously that's an obvious sign that

they're cold if they're actually

shivering if they stop moving if your

dog stops walking or playing he may be

too cold and you should take them back

inside if they're barking or whining if

your dog starts whining or barking

especially while they're looking right

at you he's probably trying to tell you

something he's trying to tell you he's

had enough if they're holding up a paw

that's like you know when your fingers

get too cold they hurt it's the same

thing with pods they're holding up a pot

their paws are too cold and you need to

get them inside if they're getting

anxious if your dog is beginning to show

anxiety or fear like trying to climb up

your leg or trying to get you to pick

them up if they're trying to like get

your attention and lead you back to the

house or lead you back to the door

that's another sign that your dog is

getting too cold also if they're looking

for an escape or a safe place some dogs

will begin looking around frantically if

they're freezing trying to find a place

that's gonna provide shelter so if

they're like looking around looking

around they might be trying to find a

way to get someplace that's warm okay so

that's another sign that it's too cold

for them we're coming to the end of the

article winter can be really fun for for

your dogs I've had lots of fun with dogs

out in the snow and out in the cold and

from walks everything it's fun to put

their little coats on and take them

outside and everything but you really

have to pay attention you really have to

know what your dog or cat's limits are

for cold and you really have to know the

signs and also keep in mind as your pet

gets older their needs are going to

change and the older they get the less

able they're going to be to tolerate the

cold so I hope that this has helped you

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