How Early Is Too Early To Decorate For Christmas? | Vlogtober 2020

it feels really strange to be making

this video

on a day when it's 100 degrees plus but

it is october so i guess

this does make a little bit of sense

hi everybody in today's episode of

cindy gives unsolicited opinions on

things except they were slightly


i am talking about when it is too early

to decorate for christmas

when i asked you guys for things for hot

takes especially my patrons this one

came up and i was like that's a that's

an interesting that's an interesting

question because it does feel like

especially in the world of instagram

right around this time even in september

you start seeing like the [ __ ] holly

leaves and

wreaths and trees and [ __ ] going up like


want to get their christmas decorations

up super early

and i kind of understand it i understand

that for

influencer type people especially if

they want to get brand deals or if they

want to get sponsorships or if they want

to be able to do like

get the traffic to their posts they want

to get their decorating content

up before people decorate otherwise

you're putting your decorating content

up to give people tips on decorating

after most people have already decorated

right and i guess

the traditional

time to decorate for christmas is

what the day after thanksgiving question

mark black friday i don't know

i think that's where this is coming from

although it might not just be

influencers it could be anybody who


to to decorate super early i have a few


when don't i have a few thoughts i'm

gonna acknowledge

not everybody celebrates christmas there

are people who

don't celebrate religions at all there

are pagans who decorate with some

similar things to christmas decorations

because they were pagan symbols first

it would be silly for me to

say all that and not mention that here

at least in the united states

christmas explodes all over everything

right about now

like right about now side note to all of

this who else has noticed

that like in the big box stores like

target they did their gigantic

school supply sections but they didn't

get picked over the same way they always

do because nobody was

heading back to school that week and

like the backpacks looked so sad

and then halloween all the stuff for

halloween's been out with all the candy

but because at least here there's not

going to be trick-or-treating

the candy aisles are like super stocked

all the time like i'm not

laughing at the plight of retail

employees so much as like

a lot of these merchandising and

stalking decisions get made so early


that you see that it's like relics from

a different world i have noticed at the

craft supply store and

in my local like big box stores that the

christmas stuff is already out

so they're definitely thinking about it

i'm not much of a decorator at all

in general i worked for trader joe's for

many many many

years and at the store i was at the


i also was in charge of store

decorations for a majority of that time

so i would have to decorate the store

for everything

for holidays for fearless flyers for any

random promotion

that we had to do i was usually the one

decorating the store i kind of used up a

lot of my decoration mojo there

you think it's not a finite amount of

mojo but i i see it more as like a

self feeding like self replicating like

a sourdough starter

you gotta feed it and then it has to

grow and then you have to maintain it

and all of my maintaining effort was

pushed into trader joe's but there

wasn't a lot coming

back so it never really grew here i do

a little bit of decorating i put a

couple of things up on my mantel and

uh you know whatever and my kitchen

table and i've tried to get a little bit

better at it generally speaking i have

kind of like

seasonal stuff not really seasonal more

like i have kind of like

wintry stuff and then main part of the


pseudo summary stuff and then some like

more fall like situations that involve


and then and then a couple of

halloween-esque things but not really


fall and the brown stuff stays for a

while until the day after thanksgiving

and then we put the tree up that weekend

but it doesn't always go like that

if you ask me when it's too early to

decorate for christmas

my answer isn't actually in an amount of

time i actually feel more inclined to

tell you about my complicated feelings

around holidays and decorating in the

first place because it actually comes to


when i was a kid a wee lass i was raised

in a family that was not religious my

parents neither attended church my dad

was agnostic my mom just didn't give a


we celebrated christmas and easter but

in a secular way

there wasn't really a lot of religion

around the closest we got to religious

with it was watching a charlie brown


but at the same time i was a fierce


of tradition our family's tradition

so we had a noel train that we would

swap and make say leon that was a


there was the pipe cleaner nativity

scene that my great grandma made

that i have now you may have seen it in

previous vlogmas vlogs

setting that up that's a tradition going

and having christmas eve dinner

at my grandma's house and then doing

christmas day at our house and then

seeing my other grandparents that was a

tradition going to my grandma's house on

new year's eve with my cousins that was

a tradition i was hardcore and the first

year i didn't i think we weren't gonna


to grandma's for new year's eve because

my grandma had some other thing going on

i got really upset i was like but

grandma it's tradition

i'm super into it and when i went off to


i would come home and even though i

hated coming home because my parents

were hoarders and being in their house

was really hard

i also wanted to be home for the

traditional stuff until i started

working at a grocery store i was working

at safeway

safeway's open on thanksgiving and so i

that's when i started having to miss

family thanksgiving was because i would

be working until 4 pm and i didn't drive

so even if i was willing to be stuck in

traffic for hours and hours to get home

i couldn't have done it anyway but i

still wanted to be there for as much as

i could

and then my dad died within the three

years after my dad died

i got engaged i got married and i had


for a little while there i was super

excited about doing holiday stuff

you know baby had my baby have my mom my

mom would come up and we did christmas

i almost had cat on christmas i actually

went into the hospital on christmas day

that year

in false labor for a little bit i was

excited again about the holidays

rj was born when he was like eight

months old or so

not even eight months old however old he

was between march and

november my mom had to miss thanksgiving

that year she was living in southern

california at the time and was in school

and for some reason wasn't able to make

it up so she sent us her recipes

with a great note at the end that says

that she wishes she could be there with

us but she knew we'd be doing great

and my sisters and i cooked our first

thanksgiving meal without our mom that


and then the following february only a

few days after my

my birthday my mom died at the time my

baby sister was eight months pregnant

with her oldest

rj wasn't even one yet and

it was really hard and then within the

next couple of years

my ex and i separated and then divorced

after my mom died

i didn't care about holidays anymore i

sort of tried

kind of sorta but like

decorating my ex-husband had to drive a

lot of that for the first couple of


after and then jesse kind of helped when

jesse and i got together he sort of

drove some of it and we had some

excitement like doing stuff for the kids

but like decorating and getting all like

super into it

it just wasn't it didn't feel like right

to me

it's like all of the things i cared so

much about went out the window when i

lost my parents

to add to that suddenly now i'm sharing

custody our custody has worked out so we

swapped thanksgiving and christmas every


and that was hard too having to learn

how to be

on say christmas day without my kids

when you're used to having your kids

around and you have a christmas day

without them

it's you would think it was just like

another day off right but it wasn't

it felt kind of hollow and i didn't like


and my family started having our fake

thanksgiving now i'm also going to add

here that i recognize that the holiday

of thanksgiving in the united states

is a very fraught holiday when you think

about the actual history of it and the

actual things that were going on

my family does not celebrate like the

pilgrims or whatever we celebrate

being with each other we use that as

like the touchstone kind of day

but we don't actually have it on the

actual day anyway we do it on a

different day because of people working

for grocery

stores and people working in retail and

it just being too hard to get everybody

together so we would have our fake

thanksgiving on a different day

it's our irreverent way of dealing with


and holiday but i'm recognizing that

there are a lot of people who don't

celebrate american thanksgiving

because of the the history that

surrounds it and i'm acknowledging that

big thanksgiving made things a lot

better for me in some ways because we

we scheduled it around when there was

custody of the kids and when people

could get together and we would see our

family be the one day of the year our

entire family would get together

but then doing it that way made


just feel even more blah

we wouldn't see family generally

speaking if we saw my sister who lives

in the same state as i do we wouldn't be


around new year's usually and even if we

had the kids it was just us and the kids

there wasn't going to be any visiting

family or whatever because our family is

so scattered now

it just didn't have the same feeling it

did when i was a kid which made it

really hard for me to

connect with the holiday that i didn't

feel any religious significance towards

that it was all tied up in family and

tradition and it felt like those things

were yanked out from under me

and that brings us to now where i'm

still at

every year i've tried a little bit

harder to decorate or whatever but

ironically as i have tried a little

harder my kids have not cared as much

because they're teenagers now and so

bit myself in the ass with that one i

didn't tell you all this story to

depress you

but to explain that like when you ask me

the question of when it's too early to

decorate for christmas

my my thought is does it [ __ ] matter

that's my thought because like as far as

i'm concerned if you

are super into it and it makes you happy

then do it

however early you want to not because

it takes away from anything they're

going to be like that fall breathe like

i get that like in

this california we don't really have

much of any fall we have like summer and


hotter fall time summer to me it's not

about when it's appropriate to decorate

for a season

but does the decorating make you happy

whatever the season may be whatever the

holiday might be

does it make you happy are you a [ __ ]

spooky ass [ __ ] and like

if you could keep halloween stuff around

your house full-time you would

then why don't you because people are

gonna be like it's not halloween like

who [ __ ] cares it's not their house

even when people leave their lights on

all year like

because they're lazy or because they

just don't feel like changing like who


i remember people used to judge people

in our neighborhood for leaving their

lights on all year

like who gives a [ __ ] even if you go

full griswold with it and your whole

yard is like blinking

if it makes you happy then [ __ ] do it

this year

if kovid allows

we're gonna see my sister on on

christmas it's the last

christmas that we're gonna have where

kat is still in high school because next

year cat will be with their dad

and i'm really looking forward to it i

really hope we get it and i don't know

if we're going to or not but i

really hope we do so it's hard for me to

like judge anybody like

if you're decorating early because you

want to get paid for some sponsorship

then get paid you get paid go you for

getting paid

and if you want to decorate early

because the the look of pine

and holly or whatever makes you smile

then go you holly holly your [ __ ]

house up and if you decorate every

sp you decorate on a specific day every

single year because that's how it's done

and that's how it's always done and you

are a stickler for tradition believe me

i understand that

go you maintain your traditions because

they can feel

so powerful in a time when everything

else feels

like it's an upheaval and i mean [ __ ] so

many of us are stuck inside our homes

right now

putting christmas decorations up early

could feel like

bonus fun i don't know but whatever

holidays you celebrate or don't

celebrate whatever decorations you like

to have up or don't decorate

just take it from me as somebody who


to this day like it was hard for me to

make this video without crying

even though it has been 20 years almost

it'll be 20 years next year since my dad

died and

it's i think 15 years since my mom died

no wait rj was on 13 years

i have to count versus on ages it's been

many many many years since i lost my


it has been 11 years since russell and i

split up

and yet the pain from those things

has stuck with me and i have been like

dealing with it for so long

that any any joy i get out of any


or any decorations means the world to me


with as sick as i am now

it's just with as sick as i am now

and with as bad as i'm feeling


i could use a little bit of joy

so i'll take it where i can get it and

you should too

so that's my answer how early is it to

decorate for christmas

it's never too early and if you don't

celebrate christmas decorate for

whatever holiday you want to put your

festivus was it festivus branch or

whatever it is

put it up happiness and joy are valuable

things and they're easy to take for


so don't all right that has been my

surprisingly morose holiday decorations


join me for vlogmas in december to see

more i don't know if i'm doing vlogmas

or not

i'd love to hear your thoughts on

decorating for the holidays how early it


or if you have any stories like what i

just told you that you would like to


share it in the comments below you guys

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