When Is It Time to Walk Away from a Marriage?

I'm all about reunification of family

and but I can tell you if she is going

to forever not trust you and and you

know in your heart that look I've

screwed up in the past but I'm not now

if this is a life sentence you ought to


you ought to not walk you ought to run

if it's a life sentences there's nothing

you can ever do to vindicate yourself

did you want to run there's no there's

no certainty in life right I'm

absolutely there you say we got to break

this cycle I agree despite the

parent-child relationship there is a

certain symbiotic need when you have

that relationship I can try and be the

adult we don't have a relationship in I

can't just leave my wife and family with

the mess that I started how about is not

really a fast life sentence we can agree

that but I'm not leaving I'm not going

to walk away then you need to man up and

plug in dude I'm there they're looking

plug in and

I asked you before to define what that

meant I still don't know because if I'm

not doing it I need to know drop all of

the buzzwords and all of the rehab speak

and look your wife in the eye and say

what can I do today to make your life

better I ran this off in the ditch I'm

going to do what it takes to get it back

on the road and if I have intimacy

issues if I'm scared then that's what I

mean man up I'm going to do whatever it

takes to get real and be there with you

for you by your side five minutes ago

you told me to walk away from the life

sentence if this is a life sentence and

there is nothing it lives it she told

you it's not going to change for her let

me told you I can't change the truth let

me tell you if there's nothing you can

do if she is never going to turn you

loose then you should walk away and both

of you start over you know you'll spend

the rest of your life doing this not

just going to rest your life to spend

another day doing this I want to leave

here and it be different I don't ever

want to feel like this again well it's

time to it's time to hit the reset

button you know I went to you one way or

the other but it keeps just just like

Groundhog's age is the same crap day up

today in the same conversation and the

same excuses and means changing and I

tried but I feel like I try and then I

hit this wall and then I get depressed I

don't get out of bed nothing about him

that's enough it's totally about what

you think and you let me work you can

you got to realize one thing you don't

need him to be okay cuz you know what if

this doesn't work you will be okay

if you trust him

any jerky around you'll be okay you got

to know that then you know so you don't

have to worry I need you're telling me

I'm not crazy I was gonna be crazy

look at me look at me you're not crazy

okay you're annoying