When To WALK AWAY From Her


gentlemen's game here you know i

frequently get

long drawn out emails or messages from


asking for specific advice about their

particular situation with

some girl that they're really into and

most of the time

in fact i'd say like 90 percent of the

time it'll be a situation where the girl

rarely knows he exists or is already

talking to another dude

seriously you'd be surprised the amount

of messages i get saying something along

the lines of

hey man i really like this girl i've had

a crush on her for three years but she

just got a boyfriend

what do i do so as you can probably


most of the time i suggest to walk away

from her

even if you're really infatuated with

her because

guess what you can meet another girl

tomorrow that's

just as attractive if not more


and who knows maybe she'll actually be

willing to reciprocate your feelings a

lot more

or the logistics will simply be better

but at the same time i

obviously don't always recommend to walk

away there are definitely situations

where i suggest you double down on being


and trying to win her over now the

question becomes

when should you walk away from her and

when should you not

now this is a question that needs a

pretty nuanced answer

so i thought i'd attempt to do so by

giving you a few examples

of situations where you definitely

should walk away

and then on the opposite end an example

of when you should still

try to fan the flame so to speak so

let's just get right into it

so picture this you have a crush on a

girl from work so you work up the

courage to

say hi and introduce yourself she's

friendly enough but

when you ask for her number she gives

you this look like

i hope you're not getting the wrong idea

here and instead gives you her instagram

you try messaging her on instagram and

she responds

but she's not giving you a flirty vibe

back she's friendly enough sure

but there's no sexual or romantic

tension there

the next day you meet her in the office

again and she's courteous and friendly


you decide you're gonna ask her straight

up if she wants to go on a date with you

hey alyssa what are you doing friday

night oh i think i'm just catching a

movie with some of my girls

oh what about saturday night oh sorry i

think i made plans with my neighbor


at this point you start to feel

frustrated and defeated

so you tell her okay you walk back to

your desk and

quietly sulk now in this situation

should you just walk away the answer is

easily and unequivocally

yes you should walk away from her and

move on

reason being she's given you multiple

signs that she's just not that into you

never mind the fact that dating

co-workers is rarely a good idea

if you ask a girl on a date and she

gives a reason why she can't come

but doesn't suggest an alternative time

to set up a date

chances are she's not feeling that high

level of attraction yet

and she's not going to be down to give

you the time of day

at this point successfully seducing her

will either take

way too much time and effort or not

possible at all

you see when you're not sure whether or

not it's worth it to continue trying to

seduce her

or to just walk away and move on see if

she's putting in effort to maintain

any sort of really friendly or flirty


right if she's laughing at your jokes

leaning in slightly contributing to the

conversation and whatnot

those are good signs so definitely stay

and see things through to the end

but if she's not putting in this minimum

level of contributing

i'd suggest to just walk away now

another scenario where i'd almost

always suggest to walk away is if she's


toxic i made a video a few weeks ago on

types of women to avoid

but those are some good archetypes to

keep mindful of for different types of

toxic girls

any signs of emotional manipulation

excessive baggage

extreme insecurity these are all signs

you're dealing with a toxic woman

who you should definitely walk away from

and the thing is

when you're infatuated with someone you

might not even notice she's being toxic

right or maybe you'll make excuses for

her toxic behavior

so you can continue simping this is very

common because

after all it's hard to be rational when

you're being emotional

right if you're not sure whether she's

being toxic or not always get a third

party opinion

ideally one of your bros or close

friends now of course there are times


a girl might seem like she's being toxic

but maybe she's just in a bad mood or


and other times she's actually a sweet

girl if you're in this situation

and you're not sure whether to give her

the benefit of doubt

consider if her toxic behavior is her


right if it's a pattern of her acting

out in a certain way

and she's showing you that it's

something she can't change

that it's her nature to do this toxic

thing then walk away

i've just given you some examples of

when you definitely should walk away

from a girl

now what about an example of when not to

walk away

well like i said before if she's showing

some interest back

you feel like you're not wasting your

time and you like her then go for it

right another example where i don't

think you should walk away

is if there's already high investment on

both sides

right for example if you're dating a

girl or you've been seeing her for some


and things with her were always pretty

exciting or fun

but then one day out of the blue you

guys get into a big argument

i'd recommend weighing the reason you

guys argued with

how much you like her otherwise and

whether that was an uncommon

or common occurrence right if you're

really into this girl maybe give her a

second chance

otherwise you might really regret it the

main point i'm trying to make is making

the decision of whether or not you


dead a girl to walk away from her it


nuance based on your individual dynamic

with her

like you're going to have to consider a

lot of different things like how much

both of you are

individually invested in the

relationship so i think it's actually

pretty useful to

run through a series of questions the

next time you're considering walking


but not completely sure you want to

you see whenever i find myself in this

conundrum i stress test my situation

with these set of questions that give me

a much clearer picture of

where i stand with the girl and if i'm

better off just moving on

the first question is how well do you

know this girl

right if this is a girl you just met or

just a random girl you match with on


then like we mentioned there's low

investment on both sides so

if she's not being very responsive or

already rejected you

move on bro another thing to consider is

whether she's already involved with

another guy

but it's common sense to be honest but

walk away if she's already involved with

someone else

even if it's just casual right from my

experience it's rarely worth the effort

and even if you manage to win her over

the other guy

more times than not if she's the type to

juggle talking to multiple guys

those relationships tend not to last

again each situation takes

nuance and your own reflection but keep

that question

in consideration when you're feeling

conflicted about a situation

another thing to consider is has she

crossed a boundary

whether you just met this girl or you've

been dating her for a year now

there are going to be times when you

need to reinforce your boundaries

as a man you have to be aware of what

you're willing and not willing

to accept from a girl so when a woman

does something unforgivable

like say cheats on you or betrays you in

some other way obviously walk away from


at the end of the day you have to be

aware of your own boundaries and what

they are

so that when someone intrudes on those

boundaries you can reinforce them

or worst case scenario cut that person

from your life

next question you need to ask yourself

when you're considering walking away

is what is the reason you're considering

walking away

whatever it is that's bothering you

about the situation is it something you

can help remedy

or is it something you can't change

right for example let's say you've been

seeing this girl for a while now

and you like her a lot but she's a

terrible communicator

like she's bad at texting picking up

your calls things like that while you're

not with her

right if this personality trait is

bothering you a lot to the point where

you're considering moving on

and it isn't something you can fix or

help remedy

honestly i'd suggest to either mentally

prepare to deal with it forever

or just move on right not that she can't

change and be a good texter in the


but it's not something you have control

over so again you need to be willing to

either deal with it forever

or simply walk away all right guys those

are some different scenarios and some

things to keep in mind when you're

considering moving on from a girl a lot

of these to be honest were just

rapid fire thoughts i had from reading

some of these messages i received so

sorry if it came off as a bit


right well that's it for the video and

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