guys welcome back to my channel and oh

my goodness so if you were part of my

live stream yesterday i like literally

freaked out because near the end of the

live stream i was like i was hoping

that my account would blow up to a

million dollars so i could show you guys

for the first time on recording

and uh it literally went to a million

then went back down to like 999

000 or something like that but this is

absolutely insane as you can see right

now currently my account has been steady

above the one million dollar mark for

well over a couple of hours

literally like i think i woke up at

around 5 a.m because somebody texted me

and uh i just i just couldn't go back to

sleep because then i saw the price of


um absolutely insane uh at one point my

account at 7 a.m

pst was at one million three hundred and

thirty nine thousand dollars

and at the time i did check my finance

us account and it was well over four

hundred thousand dollars so

absolutely insane guys like i can't even

handle it like looking at my phone right

now just feels like i'm in a whole other


and this just goes to show that this

meme coin that people are still not

taking seriously is

literally changing lives like this is

absolutely insane you guys know me like

i've if you watch my videos if you're

new to this and you don't understand

but if you've been watching my previous

videos i literally started my robin hood

account i'm not kidding at fifty

thousand dollars

and that's with an original fifty

thousand dollar investment

so absolutely crazy if you just scroll

back to my videos um literally less than

a year ago my account was

well under fifty thousand dollars so

this is just insane for me but it's all

thanks to dogecoin

and uh yes this is a to the moon

shirt with the shiba inu on it that i

got off of amazon it was made by amazon

and by amazon

to be honest i have no idea when amazon

would ever actually add dogecoin i mean

it would be really fantastic and i think

it's a really

smart marketing and business strategy

but if they don't do it we don't even

need them i honestly don't think we need

them just like i don't think we need


however it would be very very extremely

nice if coinbase could finally add us

this year just like all the other

exchanges have added us just throughout

april this is absolutely insane i can't

even list the number of exchanges that

have recently just added dodge coin so i

feel like coinbase is

on the way and if you are a part of my

live streams i've already talked about

it i do believe that brian armstrong ceo

of coinbase

will eventually add it just like i have

tweeted to

both of the winklevoss twins on twitter

endlessly like throughout march

and throughout february you know i

tweeted at them you know please add

dogecoin to your platform along with

many other platforms

and today they finally decided to add

dogecoin right now you can't trade on it

they said that they'll update us on

whatever the trading actually

is allowed but you can start depositing

dogecoin and that slot is

on gemini right now so it's absolutely

insane but guys i'm just

i i'm over the moon i i can't even like

the end yes this

this shirt exactly suits my feelings

right now like perfectly

uh however i don't feel like we are on

the moon i feel like even if we go well

past a dollar

that may be closer to the moon but for

me the moon might be

at least a dollar fifty i'm just saying

i feel like the fact that we got into

60 well over 61 cents on robin hood i

know globally it says like 58 cents

and usually robin hood with the high

extremely high volumes it shows a higher

price but trust me at 7 30 a.m

dogecoin was traded at 61 cents as you

can see on robinhood

so absolutely insane guys if we can get

to 61 cents like i said i felt like

it is very possible on my live streams i

said it is very possible

for us to get to 69 cents maybe even

close like 80 90 cents to a dollar

before snl i don't know if this is a buy

the rumor sell the news thing but it

doesn't even feel like it because if it

were then i feel like

when the news came out that elon musk

was going to be on snl and obviously

he's talked about joe's father then the

price should have already shot up and if

it was just a pump and dump then it

would have been

dumped already so i definitely don't

think that this is a pump and dump

however i'm not sure what

what will happen on snl i'm to be honest

i'm just excited about saturday like i'm

just there for elon musk and i'm excited

for the show and i want to see joe's

father and i see everything else

hopefully with josh coin but even if it

doesn't happen it's fine i'm completely

okay with it and i'm ready for

you know any tips which are just

completely inevitable i mean today we

went to

literally 61 cents and then we dipped

all the way back down to

48 cents absolutely crazy i was

definitely sleeping at the time when it

was 48 cents

um but that's fine we've already shot up

to 55 from 48 i mean that's a pretty

penny if you just got in even at 48


so too bad for anybody who's been asking

me unfortunately like when is a good

time for entry when should i enter i

think it might be too late

i guess it wasn't too late after all you

could have literally entered what was it

like less than a day ago less than 24

hours ago

38 cents you could have gotten in and uh

now look look at where we're at

we're still at 55 cents even after a

hefty drop

so this is just absolutely crazy all the

stocks are just

insane today like literally nothing is

good everything in my account is down

gme apple neocoin sndl and all the rest

but i'm not as you can see i'm not even

bothered because like i said

if you are not if you don't have any

crypto in your portfolio right now then

i honestly just feel bad for you because

stock market is not looking too good for

like the past month now um

every single index as you can see s p

500 now stacked dao everything is just


so if you don't have any crypto right

now to hedge your account because you

don't understand crypto

then i highly suggest you at least go

and search up on google on youtube like

what crypto is

and start maybe diversifying your

portfolio that's just my two cents so

i'm on my own twitter account if you are

not following me it's just living with

lucy on twitter

all right so i actually made this in the

morning when i realized that george

going took the number four spot

absolutely insane we killed it we beat

out xrp tether and cardano

so i made this little chart for those of

you that are not following

if you're not you really should be

because we are making a killing right

now we are so close to binance this is

old this is from five hours ago

let me show you the current pricing for

george coin it's absolutely insane so it

looks like right now we are at 70

billion dollars and finance is at 97

billion which puts us

only 27 billion dollars away like that

is crazy

if dogecoin actually can double up from

the current price

of 55 cents and we co-passed a dollar

which we all know is inevitable

um we would always surpass binance and

take the number three spot

still be under ethereum of course um but

who knows

i feel like the underdoge is coming for

the top two coins

and uh we might just see some changes we

might just see some changes in the


and who knows maybe koi market cap like

i said there might have to add in a


for dogecoin because right now under

their dominance at the very top you can

see there

bitcoin is only at 45.6 and ethereum is

at 17.5

but it looks like dogecoin is coming up

for that dominant spot and i'm very very

excited i'm not sure if coin market cap

will do this

but so far ever since dogecoin has been

talked about all over social media and

ever since february

they have been pretty helpful like

they've been putting a lot of articles

on the top of coin market cap so i

wouldn't be surprised i wouldn't be

surprised if they start to add it on

their dominance section over here as you

can see here this is gemini's exchange

deposits are now

open for josh keep an eye on our feed

for trading updates now you can just

pretty much deposit your coins like i

can move my binance u.s

dogecoins to gemini if i wanted to it's

just another exchange so this is not

like robinhood where they do stocks and

then do crypto but you don't actually

own the crypto on gemini it's still a

hot wallet but at least you own the

crypto and you can transfer it out send

it so this is really really awesome for

those of you who aren't really familiar

with gemini the exchange it's an

exchange created by the winklevoss twins

and if the winklevoss twin sounds

familiar to you

it's probably because you heard of them

i actually had no idea i didn't make the

connection until many years later

that those are the same twins that i saw

in the movie with about mark zuckerberg

and facebook i think it's called

the social network or something like

that so i just simply googled the

winklevoss twins for you guys in case

you wanted a little background on who

owns the company you know gemini

but i do think gemini is pretty legit in

comparison to a lot of other companies

who i don't really know who owns it

but the twins bought 11 million worth of

bitcoins in 2013 so

that's what you get for getting in early

you become billionaires according to the

new york times and soompi became

evangelists creating crypto exchange

gemini trust co

they also own other cryptocurrencies

including ether speaking of aetherium i

can't believe it guys another all-time

high i literally i told you guys

if you look through my twitter account i

literally predicted this i said that by

the end of the week

there is no way that ethereum would not

get to 3 hundred dollars and today

we way surpassed that we got to three

thousand five hundred and ninety four

dollars at eight

a.m pst on ethereum another crazy crazy

all-time high

of course with every single all-time

high there's always general pullback so

now we're back down at 3 300 but if you

ask me i think this is looking really

really good

i mean ethereum is literally just

killing it i think dogecoin with our

increases in price obviously we're just

overshadowing every other coin that's

doing amazingly well and literally on a

higher ranking compared to joshua

is absolutely insane guys i'm on just

the one week chart for george coin and

we are up a whopping 104

which means you could have literally

invested last week and 2x your

investment 25 cents currently as we


and this is my finance us account guys

and yes i do want to cry inside but

looking at this because this just feels

so surreal

with an original fourteen thousand

dollar investment that's all i put in


for seven hundred and nine thousand josh

coins early january

to february of this year and this has

now gotten me to a crazy insane number

of 393

000 earlier like i said when i checked

my phone in the morning when my

robinhood account was at like

1.3 million this account was well over

400 000

so this is absolutely crazy but it just

once again goes to show that diamond


pay better than toilet paper hands guys

so much for using my referral link by

the way you know this is my weeble

account i got another free stock that

i'll claim for you guys

hopefully it's probably okay crsr i had

a feeling it was going to be crs all

right literally get crs there all the


thank you weeble thank you guys so much

for helping me out you know using my

referral link down in the description

below if you haven't signed up with

weeble yet and you'd like to you can get

up to two free stocks

up to eighteen hundred and fifty dollars

each so long as you deposit at least a

hundred dollars coin is currently

at 56 cents at the time of me making

this video

and i honestly just feel like we we will

most likely surpass 69 cents which is

probably where most people put their

limit sell orders at just to be random

uh probably just trolling but i feel

like a lot of people are putting in 69

cents in terms of their limit sell

orders but that's completely fine once

those people leave

there will be more people buying the dip

afterwards so i'm not really worried

like i said i'm staying in for the long

haul uh until i see the moon there will

be no selling from me so as you can see

no limit sell orders whatsoever

my last action in my history is april 16

when i bought 330 more george coins at


which is much cheaper than what you have

to pay today um so

currently i guess today i am up 266 000

and overall this is absolutely insane to

say but i am

up 2 000 on my original investment just

in robin hood on dogecoin thank you guys

so much for watching my video if you

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so much fun with you guys and thank you

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with your friends and family so i just

want to say huge thanks to every single

one of you who have been doing that for

me i really really appreciate you let's

get this

i mean we're not even close to the moon

yet uh but we're headed on our way

there stay positive stay in the green do

only good every day and i will see you

guys soon