When you unfriend someone on Facebook do they know plus an alternative to unfriending and more

everyone its audrey with social media

for beginners and today is friday it is

the day after thanksgiving so you know

what that means Black Friday of course I

did not do any Black Friday shopping so

if you did I just pray that you were not

trampled on that you got amazing deals

but most importantly that yesterday was

time spent with your family your friends

your loved ones and that you were really

able to take a moment and just to thank

God for the many blessings that are in

your life as you all know in the end of

each one of the videos that dad and I do

on Napoleon's idiot series or any of the

videos I do we're always asking for

questions so if you have any questions

about social media sites and everything

- leave them in the comment section


and we actually had somebody do that so

I am going to read those questions

it's about unfriending somebody on

Facebook are they notified and how can

you do it without it becoming an issue

and how can you stop people from posting

things that you don't necessarily agree

with on your timeline so that's all the

questions I'm going to be asking in this

in this video and hopefully you'll learn

even some more cool stuff that you

didn't know about anyway I'm going to

read off of a monitor that I have right

here have my computer with my camera and

then I've got a monitor that has the

questions on it so as I'm looking over

here it's not because I'm ignoring you

it's just because I'm reading off the

questions okay so here it is here was

the comment I am new to Facebook and

love your videos they are very helpful

thank you very much for saying that

because that's my heart's desire and my

dad's heart desire is to get if you guys

you know the videos that will help you

feel more confident on the different

social media sites I have a couple of

questions and I'm hoping you might be

able to do a tutorial on it and that's

exactly what we're doing here unfriend

first question does the person you are

in friending receive a message that

you've been unfriended by so-and-so no

they don't

Facebook does not and will not send out

a notification with you've been on

friended body so-and-so friend okay so

you don't have to worry about that

however I'm sure you knew there was a

however in there right there is an app

that you can download on your phone or

on your tablet and it's relatively new

and I guess the way it works is that you

download it and it kind of keeps track

of your friends or kind of lines up your

friends and then if you go back into the

app it kind of compares the friend list

and then will tell you which friends

have unfriended you or no longer friends

which ones have deactivated or even

canceled their account

now I'm not sure if it sends you a

notification or not but I do know that

it kind of does the comparison of where

you were when you first downloaded the

app and then where you are at any time

that you log into it there's also an

extension on Google Chrome but I just to

give you a little peace of mind the

amount of people that have downloaded

the app and that extension is nothing in

comparison to the billions of active

users that are on Facebook so the

chances of your friends having that app

or extension to show them if you've

unfriend of them is very very small and

just in case you're not sure of how to

unfriend someone let me show you how to

do that real quick here we are on

Facebook and I'm at my newsfeed

so in order to unfriend someone from

your newsfeed you word mouse over their

name then you would mouse over friends

and then click unfriend now if you have

a specific person that you want to

unfriend and they're not showing in your

newsfeed then you would go to their


and we'll use my dad as an example and

now we're on his timeline and we would

mouse over friends located right here

it's right on his cover photo and then

we would click unfriend okay and what is

the best way to do it without it

becoming an issue okay number one if

that person finds out that you have

unfriended them I can almost guarantee

it will probably be an issue so there's

really no way of getting around it the

only suggestion that I can suggest is to

know the reasoning why you unfriended

them so if they did come to you and ask

you you you have that reasoning keep in

mind that Facebook your personal profile

the friends that you accept as your

friends and those who you unfriend it is

all yours

it's it's your personal space in this

wide open you know internet world wide

web access that's out there and so you

know nobody likes to be unfriended it

hurts it can sting a little bit and so

you know you're gonna have people that

are going to be hurt over it but if but

it's yours so if you unfriend somebody

um you know like I said just be aware

that they might come back and ask you

about it the other thing though that

that might help is instead of

unfriending them why not unfollow them

and what unfollowing does is that you

can unfollow a person and their post

their pictures their images or videos

will not show up in your news feed

you'll still remain friends with them

and if you want to see what they're up

to then you can head over to their

profile and and see you know everything

but it's just their stuff will not come

up in your newsfeed anymore so let me

show you how to unfollow someone and

still remain

friends with them that way your it might

not become an issue because they're not

even notified they don't even know that

you have unfollowed them because you're

still friends with them so let me show

you how to do that real quick so to

unfollow someone you're going to click

on this little down arrow that's located

right next to their name and you're

going to see unfollow and it says stop

seeing post but stay friends and that's

how you can unfollow them but still be

able to go to their profile and see what

they're doing and what they've been up

to and everything now in order to

unfollow someone from their personal

profile you would mouse over following

and then say unfollow that person still

remain friends but just not see any of

their posts in your newsfeed alrighty

these next few questions all kind of

linked together they're all sort of the

same except the very first part of this

question and I'm going to answer that

and then we'll read the rest of the

questions and jump inside a Facebook so

what if you were friends with someone

and don't necessarily agree with

everything they post and put on their

wall and/or my wall okay

first of all just like I said Facebook

is kind of your own space it's it's a

window into your personality so you

share the things that you love that

you're passionate about that you believe

wholeheartedly in okay well your friends

do the exact same thing so there is no

way to control what they post however

you can do the unfollowing that we

talked about and then I just showed you

is you can unfollow their post so you

don't see anything that you might not

agree with or you know something that

you're totally against but you remain

friends with them and you just go to

their profile to see what they've been

up to and everything so that that's one

way to

that's a way to do that but you're not

going to control what people are posting

you can't however you can control what

they post on your wall and that goes

hand-in-hand with these this next

question how do I get rid of something

posted on my wall and also make sure

anyone who visits my wall will not be

able to see it so this is what I'm going

to show you inside Facebook let's say

that somebody has tagged you or posted

something to your timeline that maybe

you didn't agree with I'm going to show

you how you can hide that from your

timeline and not allow anybody else to

see it so you would go to your profile

by clicking on your name up here

and now you're on your profile and over

here to the right this is known as your

timeline it used to be called your wall

so as you can see my sister had actually

tagged me in a post yesterday since it

was Thanksgiving and in order to hide

this from my timeline and allowing

anybody else to see it I can simply

click on this little down arrow and

you'll notice at the bottom it says hide

from timeline once you do that then

anybody who comes to your timeline or

your profile they're not going to see

that post on there now Angela will not

be notified that I hid this and unless

she came to my profile and remembered

this post and asked me I mean there's no

way that she's going to know if I you

know hid it from my timeline or not so

that's the way that you can hide things

that maybe friends have posted that you

don't want anybody to see but now what I

do is I actually have my privacy and my

timeline settings set to where I have to

approve everything before it's allowed

on my timeline and that's when I'm going

to show you so click on this down arrow

all the way up here to the right of your

account and then choose settings now

over here you have timeline and tagging

and you're going to choose that so right

here you can go ahead

and choose who can post on your timeline

by clicking the edit button and choosing

who you want to be able to post on your

timeline and then this is review post

friends tagged you in before they appear

I have this on who can see things on

your timeline you have the ability to

say who can see posts that you've been

tagged in on your timeline you would

simply click Edit and then right here

friends you would choose maybe only me

if you were the only one that you want

it to see you know what posts that you

had been tagged in and then you have who

can see what others post on your

timeline and you would click Edit and

then right here you would do like only

me or choose any one of these other ones

so if you really want to lock it down

and you want to be the only one to see

what's on your timeline then you can do

only me here so I'm gonna choose go back

to friends because I actually have this

review tag on hopefully that answered

all of your questions and if not just go

ahead and leave some more in the comment

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question in the comment section also I'm

curious to see how others deal with

unfriending people and you know not

allowing people to post on your timeline

or you know not allowing people to see

what's posted on your timeline did you

even know that you had that option to do

that love to hear from you guys on that

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