When is it Time to Trade in Your Old Vehicle? - A Bill Tip

our minus tip of the week concerns

trading in a late-model low mileage car

one of our viewers wrote in and asked me

says he has a 97 intrepid and every time

he goes to the dealer they're trying to

convince him to trade it in the

currently has 15,000 kilometers and in

my book a three year old car with 15k

it's barely broken in I would not be

considering trading it in especially

given the fact that he didn't mention a

single problem with this car

now all cars canon as we know give

problems in certain areas and they all

seem to have their Achilles heels that

one area that's more of a problem than

others and on the intrepid it seems to

be the air conditioning system that acts

up most frequently that's the area I'd

be watching for problems and he

specifically asks what should I watch

for that's not covered in the manual

look for problems in the air

conditioning system if you're going to

have many wear but you know my dad used

to have a saying about vehicles and

machinery in general better the devil

you know than the devil you don't know

didn't mention a single problem I'd be

hanging on to it that's my might it's

the tip of the week