When is the best time to trade in my car?

another thing a little trick that people

look at is most customers turn their

cars over around about every three years

now if you're smart and you turn your

vehicle over at two years and 11 months

what you'll find is that the vehicles

still have new car warranty on it so

when a deal is looking at the card I'll

go hmm anything that needs to be spent

on this car I can get it through

warranty so it's not going to cost me

any money I'll pay more for that car if

you trade the car in at three years and

one month the warranty has expired

so anything that needs to be done on the

car the deal has to pay for that adds to

the expense of the vehicle and all

obviously reduces the price of the

people so if you're looking at trading

you're carrying around that three-year

mark try and do it just before the

warranty expires and you'll get a better

trading price