6 Signs It's Time To BURN Your Underwear!!! How To Know If Its Time To Retire Your Undies

gentlemen so here's the deal as men

we're great at a lot of things

identifying when our underwears past our

prime it needs to be tossed in the trash

happens not to be one of them holes no

it's a ventilation system it's a hole

and you could potentially be totally

sabotaging your super sexy and smooth

game by wearing worn-out drawers six or

it you've got a hot date you look

amazing your grooming game super strong

you're also incredibly charming so much

so that is not even fair to other dudes

everything goes well one thing leads to

another bingo bango she rips off your

pants and you're standing there in a

worn-out tired a spare underwear now

sure you might still get some action but

your chance for a repeat performance has

been drastically reduced and so today

I'm going over six signs that your

underwear need to be trashed dye number

one you've got skid marks there's no

easy way of sugarcoating it you got skid

marks skid marks are something different

than having an accident now if you have

an accident what I would recommend is

going to the bathroom and throwing your

underwear out which brings me to a bonus

underwear hack always keep a pair fresh

new nice clean underwear in your glove

compartment bag or desk

you're welcome skid marks these are

curious little things actually it's not

curious you don't clean your ass well

enough gentlemen if your underwear has

skid marks a t69 number two crotch

discoloration here's the deal if you

were wearing light-colored underwear

there's a lot of nonsense going on down

in your pants it's hot its moist its

damp it's wet happens to all of us you

can't help but if you've got testicles

and you wear light underwear it is

inevitably going to get a bit funky now

one way to combat that is to actually

powder keep everything fresh you

eliminate the sweat you eliminate the

odor you eliminate the discoloration but

if you got it eliminate the underwear

sign number three your underwear or a

stretched-out mess now where do they

stretch out pretty much everywhere if

you're wearing cheap underwear the

waistband the leg the crotch the butt

you stand there looking all like you're

wearing a diaper gentlemen you need

underwear to support like a newborn

kitten require support when holding your

chupacabras they do to number four your

underwear always bunching up you can see

them everywhere and your slim fit jeans

gentlemen here's the deal if you're

wearing underwear that are constantly

climbing to try and get out of your

pants this is a sign that the underwear

need to go

number five holes anywhere and number

six they just don't look good on you

here's the deal underwear are supposed

to look sexy just because you're wearing

of underneath your clothes and only a

few select lucky people get to see you

in them even if it's just yourself you

should look good in your drawers we

spent so much time and energy on things

like shoes bands sure it's work goes

leather jackets but we neglect the thing

that we wear every single day LF after

inspection of your underwear drawer you

realize you've got some casualties or

it's just time to update your underwear

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