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so I want to speak to you a little bit

about when it might be appropriate to go

see a therapist I think this is a

question what a lot of people are

confused about and have some

misconceptions about and hopefully I can

clear some of those up for you my name

is dr. Sonya and I'm a licensed clinical

psychologist with over 10 years of

experience and I've worked with people

of all ages on smaller issues and bigger

issues and I think that's one of the

most important points is that sometimes

we all need a little bit of help in life

and it doesn't have to be that your

whole world is falling down before you

seek the help of somebody for that

outside clinical professional

perspective so I recently had the

pleasure of working with somebody who

graduated from therapy they did quite

well and they were talking about a

friend of theirs who had also had a

recent struggle with life issue and that

friend was saying I don't know if I'm

sick enough to see a therapist and I

think this is one of the most common

misconceptions that people have about

therapy is that you have to have a

serious problem or a really big problem

in order to seek help and the truth is

licensed counselors can help you with a

variety of things that happen in life

you know sometimes some of the things

that we perceive as positive are still

stressful for example getting married

for a lot of people is the happiest

thing that happens to them preparing for

a marriage however can be one of the

most stressful things so seeking help

for things like that can be equally

important as seeking help for typical

mental health conditions that people

think of like anxiety and depression as

a licensed counselor and more

importantly as a human I've always

wondered why we wait until the last

possible moment to seek help for the

things that we're struggling with and I

really like this idea that's beginning

to emerge about emotional wellness you

know we go to our primary care doc every

year and get a physical and a check-up

just to make sure that everything's okay

and I think that we really need to start

to have the same mentality towards

mental health and mental health issues

why not be proactive and deal with the

problems that are arising before they

get to a crisis point why not check in

with the licensed professional to make

sure that everything is on the right

track or to maximize your potential or

to evaluate your strengths versus

waiting until something's really going

wrong a great place to start exploring

this idea of mental wellness and seeking

help for the smaller life issues that

arise is through online counseling and

the reason why is because online

counseling is pretty convenient

accessible and affordable and so it's

something where you can kind of dip your

toe into the world of counseling and see

if it's something that might be helpful

or beneficial to you without having to

go through the process of you know

talking to your insurance company and

finding a therapist to go see and taking

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