When should I take antibiotics?

when antibiotics need to be taken as a

question I get multiple times a day

most people come in with a cold or a

viral illness you know cough sinus

congestion and just generally feeling

achy for however many days and in some

cases it's true antibiotics are

indicated but they only treat bacterial

infections so if it's a viral illness

it's mostly just treating the symptoms

usually with over-the-counter

medications getting rest and fluids I

would say if it's been a week or more

and you're still feeling sick it's never

wrong to get checked out by your primary

care physician in general viral

illnesses can last up to two weeks so if

it's been two weeks or more and you're

still feeling ill I would definitely go

in and see your doctor I'm a primary

care physician at Mount Sinai doctors in

Brooklyn Heights we're taking new

patients anytime so feel free to make an

appointment whenever it's convenient for