How Successful People Take Vacation and "Time Off"

what's up guys it's bc welcome to

another video I wanted to shoot this

quick video because first of all I'm

gonna give you one or two quick

announcements today today's Friday the

27th of October I will be taking my car

to VF engineering today the Lamborghini

to get a tune and then Saturday it's off

to get the new wheels then it's going to

SEMA it's gonna be there all week so if

you're a Las Vegas resident number one

or number two you're visiting SEMA

check out the morph Auto design and

ferrata wheel booth my car will be there

on display alright

and also I have to my master my partners

come in cody and dylan they're gonna

spend the weekend with me they're

arriving in about an hour and a half two

hours and they're gonna be here til I

believe Sunday afternoon or evening now

the reason I'm making this video is this

is a great opportunity for me to teach

you guys something a lot of you always

ask me about vacation time off and that

kind of thing so I want to make

something crystal clear to you because

when I say I don't take vacations or I

take like active time off you don't get

what I mean here's what I mean let's

look at this weekend for example right

we're working on putting together two or

three contracts this weekend right

with my team okay I have two events

going on this weekend Saturday for three

hours and Sunday for three hours

ignition and stand your ground which by

the way we have two spots left before

you continue in the video if you haven't

signed up I recommend you go in the

description and sign up now and I have a

bunch of other stuff going on too right

especially with my car now this whole

thing at SEMA is very profitable and

good for me all right it's good for the

company it's good for me I'm making

money from it and I'm getting more

followers alright I have two events this

weekend right so I have people coming

this weekend cuz obviously they want to

come visit LA they're gonna come to the

events and learn themselves and we're

gonna have a good time and this is what

I mean when I tell you guys active time

off or I'm still hustling while I have

time off you see I'm doing events and

all this other stuff while my friends

are in town and we're gonna go out and

have a good time you see but but this is

the point is when we go out at night for

you know 2 or 3 hours it's gonna be

after a whole day of work while I have

them with me I'm still gonna do YouTube

I'm still gonna do my events

gonna be hustling I've a new product

coming out November 1st by the way which

is the sales technician which is the

volume one which is going to be a

phenomenal product and I recommend you

get that November 1st as well so I have

all this stuff going on and my real

estate team and everything else and I

still have people here and we're still

gonna have a good time point is you can

always find a way the way I see vacation

is an escape from reality right now if

you're the type of person who likes to

travel and it's planned and you bust

your ass the rest of the year and you

want to leave for a couple days or a

week go for it right go for it but if

you live your whole life for those three

four five six days away I think there's

something wrong with that okay and

that's the trap that I see with

vacations is you want to escape reality

you hear people saying I don't like that

I love my reality I create my reality

this is my reality and my god

it is beautiful it is beautiful and that

continuously manifest more and more all

the time and create this beautiful

garden that I've cultivated of what is

called my reality alright so I want to

make that point now for my friends

coming in you guys might make the

argument they're just taking time off no

but come into minded to events to learn

as well and they're gonna hang out with

me okay and they're gonna be able to

shadow me see how I move see how I


they're part of my real estate hustlers

mastermind group okay so they're gonna

learn spending time with me I'm at a

higher level than they are financially

and everything else mentally spiritually

wisdom knowledge wise they're younger

these these are kids they're like 24 or

25 I'm 31 so they can learn a lot so

they're gonna learn from me and they're

going to my event so this even though

they're coming here to have fun right

then that's how everybody would label it

they're making an investment in

themselves so this is a message to you

ladies and gentlemen what are you doing

with your time off are you doing things

like this are you taking advantage of

the time you see this is crucial because

even when I go to San Jose to visit a

rush out on to a rush what's up brother

I'm going to one of his events and we're

hanging out so I'm learning from him and

we're hanging out everything I do every

movement is strategic even time off I

better myself

I learned something I'm doing something

so don't mistake time off

for just vegetation because you guys

I've made this lesson to you and I'll

end the video here remove the word or

its oh we have fun or you learn remove

the word or you can have fun and learn

at the same time that's a trap get rid

of that word borer and a lot of a lot of

the times when you're debating in your

mind oh should i doorknocker should I co

call do both remove the word or all

right that's it for this one guys I

could go on and on about this I don't

know make it too long

keep a lookout for the next car video

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