When to Take a Break from Training

yo Eliot there's questions from pixel

shaft he goes on to say that he's

getting weaker his strength is declining

for a while there he was bench pressing

with 22 kilograms each hand the last

week he was only able to do it with 18

per hand and then this week only 14 he's

scared he's afraid that he's losing

weight or he's losing strength because

the weights are going down this is a

clear indication that it's time for you

to take a break my friend when you find

that you're doing everything exactly the

same you're gonna get to a point of

diminishing returns whereby you'll exert

more effort and start getting less


it's a weird phenomenon and it will

drive you nuts especially if you're the

type a kind of personality where it's

like you got to keep going you got to

make [ __ ] happen you got to make go go

go go go go this is a sign that your

nervous system is sputtering out

basically telling you I can't do this

[ __ ] anymore I need a break and

sometimes you might feel energetically

well you might feel like your muscles

are not sore I don't need to take a week

off but your nervous system is so much

more sensitive right I mean this could

be happening I'm assuming that you've

been training for a long time without a

break but this could happen because

you're not getting enough sleep not

letting your nervous system recover

you're you you're too stressed out

either with school or with a

relationship right this is all stuff

that's going to stimulate your nervous

system not enough sleep stress

relationships money these are all things

that are going to just compound and

increase the load that your nervous

system is going to have to carry so that

when it comes time to express physical

strength in the gym you have nothing

left right so that would be another

suggestion I would take the time off

anyway because if you are carrying that

much physiological load due to stress

outside of your life then you need that

time to regenerate you got to get some

more sleep but this is probably one of

the hardest things for bodybuilders

weight lifters and athletes to do which

is to take time off it is essential you

cannot have all day with no night you

cannot have all summer with no winter

the cycles are essential to the [ __ ]

thing you can't do what you can't have

one side of the coin you can't just

inhale and or exhale this is the way

life goes this is the way things are but

we could become so attached to one side

of the coin that we try to ignore or to

pretend like it doesn't exist the other

side of the coin the other side of the

coin maybe even more important than the

beating of your muscle and body during

strength training is the rest associated

necessary for you to regenerate recover

and grow stronger so I'm going to invite

you take a look at the amount of

physiological load you're carrying I

used to put a lot of really geeky videos

up with my truck board and I have one

that's about overtraining where I show

buckets where the like your girlfriend's

a [ __ ] is one of them and your boss is

a dick and you're broke all these things

are adding to your load you don't have

much left right you're gonna have to

find a way to remove some of those

stresses but in the meantime you just

gotta rest you got to take a break you

got to chill the eff out that doesn't

mean spend more time on Facebook or

YouTube doesn't mean spend more time on

video games

it means lay down in your bed and

meditate just shut your brain off relax

recover make your body feel as if it's

heavy just don't move a muscle

I've got a lot of meditations on my my

Elliot said watch shadow there's one

that's called the Kundalini meditation

where you're shaking your body and

and just moving erratically and then

just laying down completely dormant and

relaxed it's going to help you it's

gonna help you get rid of all the the

neurotic tension that we carry that also

adds to your stress but also get you to

discharge a lot of that energy so that

you could lay down and feel heavy and

relaxed and meditate in a way it gives

you a nervous system a chance to recover

so I hope that helps dude oh dude I said

and you'll grow stronger

yo Eliot