Why I quit managing and how stepping down affected my life!

stepping down from management now just

like the title says this is a video

about stepping down from a management

position this isn't just my theory of it

this is actually something that I did

I'm gonna tell you the back story of

what I came over to become a manager and

then the reasoning I had for stepping

down but first if you want to grow as a

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manager consider subscribing now first

let me set the record straight you do

not need to be a manager to be a leader

and you don't automatically become a

leader just because you're a manager two

different things which are not

exclusively tied together so in terms of

my most recent situation I've been

working for my current job for many many

years now in that time I've been the

Union steward I was the district chair

both of those were peer elected I've

also been an acting coordinator for the

company so I've made an impression a

positive one in terms of leadership or

so I thought you see for the last three

years I've been wanting to officially be

in management in the course of that

three years eight positions that I was

qualified for and of course I applied

for I ended up being overlooked now

think about this eight times eight times

being told no eight times going to HR

and the individuals who sat anoi

interviews asking what I missed and how

I could improve eight times having my

peers laugh at me while also attempting

to console me did I say eight times yet

what happened on the ninth time well a

couple of things our HR manager retired

and apparently there's something he

didn't like about me I know right I mean

what's not to like the other thing was

upon hearing that I was not getting the

promotion on my eighth attempt I spoke

with the operations manager and flat-out

said I was very disappointed I asked for

specifics for why another candidate was

chosen over myself after not getting any

substantial information I then explained

and I would never interview with this

company again I made it very clear that

I would absolutely accept the position

but I would never sit and apply nor

interview a few days after my talk with

the operations manager I got a call

asking if I would come in for a meeting

and of course I said yes

I was offered a management position to

start in two months time which I gladly

accepted now at this point there's a

couple takeaways one just because you

don't get the promotion you were hoping

for don't give up

continue to develop yourself by watching

I don't know videos like this

shameless plug read as many books as you

can sharpen your skills too don't let

other people's opinions of you slow you

down if I would have been scared about

what other people thought about my

failures because I didn't get the job

that would have changed a lot about Who

I am today

three get pissed if you do not get the

promotion it's okay to get upset take

some time to digest what just happened

that said don't blame anyone but

yourself do not get upset with the

person who did who got the job don't get

upset by the hiring committee even if

for those people it was personal

decision you need to keep it


you need to work on something this

mindset makes you stronger do not play

the blame game do not play the victim

that is not a leaders mindset and take

away number four is you need to ask

questions I went to every person that

had a hand in the hiring process and I

asked them where I slept up where I was

lacking and what I could do to improve

it in doing so I believe that that

showed how serious I was in improving

myself it also put my mind in a position

of power when you look for answers

rather than excuses it does something to

your subconscious you are taking control

and therefore you walk just a little bit

taller now let's get to the part of

story where I now have the promotion as

I said I gladly accepted this position I

came in from day one with the intent of

being the best that I could be

I wanted everyone to realize I was the

candidate that they should have hired

years ago and if you ask me I did that I

was getting compliments and good

feedback from my staff my peers and

management and even external

stakeholders and it honest it felt great

now being part of a unionized work

environment meant that I had six months

in this role where either the company or

myself could decide that it wasn't

working out and I would be able to go

back to my regular job no harm no foul

now in a previous video about getting

rich which I'm gonna link up here I

spoke about putting yourself in a

financial position where you get the

power to choose and I also spoke about

wealth / riches anyway this new position

was making me almost 40 percent more

money forty four zero but it was

negatively affecting my overall wealth

you see more money was going in the bank

but I had less time at home the last

time with my friends the last time with

my family I was also given more

responsibilities to take home my

schedule was at the mercy of my boss and

now I didn't like that I spoke with my

family if my schedule couldn't change I

had to step down I tabled a few ideas

with my team and my boss but

unfortunately nothing could be

configured to my liking so I put on my

notice to say this was a shock to

everyone was an understatement many

people said I was making a grave mistake

that I was absolutely sabotaging my

career and if I played a game like

everyone else

they'd be right but here's the thing the

new money I was getting never really

made it into my budget so I didn't have

to readjust financially I wasn't living

beyond my means when I when I got back

to my regular schedule the time that I

have had off was mine again so I became

happier over the years I've made some

investments in real estate so I didn't

feel the need to tie my worth to a title

of manager you see

my name is attached to titles like

father husband investor landlord this is

where my wealth comes from now it's been

a few months of being back to my old

routine and it fits perfect it feels


with coworkers and managers and

stakeholders still complimenting my work

and thought process but it feels better

doing things on my terms

a few takeaways before I wrap up one be

smart with your money control debt save

and invest this gives you options to

work for wealth and not riches if you

can simplify just a little it will go

far in terms of your wealth 3 enjoy time

with your friends and family you've

really only got so much of it 4 put

yourself in a position where you have

options choice is a very powerful thing

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