How to separate date from time in excel

hi guys so I just wanted to show you

real quick how to separate a date and

time column in Excel so if for example

if you have a data that looks something

like this if you notice in column hate

it has both the same column has both

date and time so if I wanted to grab

just the date and not the time in a

separate column the way I would do that

is go ahead and create a new column and

for example let's call it date and then

I would go to the function key I would

select left I would click OK and then I

need to type in the need a the column

that I want to grab the date from the

column that has the data in this case is

column a so I'm going to type column a

you also need to type in the row that

you want to start grabbing the data from

in this case it starts at 2 the data

starts at 2 so we need to put into so

there we go in text we have a 2 and then

you need to type in 5 write the number 5

so you have a 2 and then you have 5 and

you click OK now if you notice the data

comes out looking like a code this is

not the date so before we go ahead and

format this into a date you need to drag

this formula all the way down to the

bottom of your your your column so to do

that we go ahead and drop to the bottom

of where we want to have the date so

there it is so so to format this into

date you first need to make sure you

eliminate the formula so if you notice

if you click on each one of these the

formulation this is the formula the

formula is showing on all of them oh I

messed that one up

let me fix it first if you know this ooh

I messed that up ok there we go

if you notice the formula is showing in

each one of these so um you got to get

the formula out first so to do that you

I light you eye light all of these then

you right click

on your mouse you select copy then you

right-click again and you select paste

by values right then you're going to get

this little box that pops up you need to

click on this box left click on the box

and select convert to numbers and then

you go ahead and convert to dates it's

formatted eh

so you right click on your mouse and you

select format cells it will pop this

number and you need to select date and

click OK

so there you go your dates are now

converted just in one column you have

just dates right so if you go ahead and

match it over here you would see that

this saves October 20th and over here

you have October 20 over this one you

have October 18 and over here you have

October 18 again 19 you have 19 there so

that's how you do it here you have

October 17 and it shows here as well so

it's very simple I just wanted to show

you guys very quickly this is very basic

but at the same time I had to learn it

at one point and I'm sure some people

still do not know so I just wanted to

help you guys out with this very quickly

thanks for watching