Eye Examination

Are you having an eye exam?

Does that make you feel worried about failing a test?

Well, eye exams aren't like school exams.

It's just a check-up for your eyes.

Having your eyes checked is called an eye examination or eye exam.

It means you will visit an eye doctor like Maryam.

Eye doctors are experts at how eyes work.

The eye doctor will look at your eyes to make sure they work well and are healthy.

Can you look at my right ear?

Nothing will hurt because nothing will either poke you, pinch you or prick you.

The eye doctor will test your vision to find out how well you can see far away.

The doctor will ask if you can see the drawings or

letters on a chart on the wall across from you.

Can you see them?

Do they appear blurry?

Then, the eye doctor will check how well you can see things that are close.

The doctor will ask you to read or recognize pictures

on a card you will hold in your hands.

Remember, this isn't a school test!

There is no right or wrong answer.

Can you cross your eyes?

Don't worry,

the eye doctor will make you cross your eyes even if you can't.

It's part of a fun way to test if you can read.

You'll want to cover up your left eye.

She can even check if you are seeing colours correctly.

Some people have trouble telling colours apart—especially boys.

This condition is called colour-blindness.

It doesn't hurt; it can just be troubling in some situations.

Perhaps you need a prescription.

That's a nickname for reading or distance glasses.

Prescription glasses help your eyes to read things

close up or see things far away.

You see those, right?

To make sure you get the right glasses, that is to say, the correct prescription,

the eye doctor will test a bunch of different lenses

with a gigantic funny- looking eyeglass frame.

Are they kind of the same?

You don't have to do anything.

Your job is to relax, sit still and enjoy the show!

Is that better?

Once it turns on—I don't know if you can see that light?

I look through it...

The eye doctor will want to look into your eyes to see if everything is OK.

First, the doctor will put a few drops in your eyes to open up the pupil.

That's the black central spot in your eyes.

It really doesn't hurt, but it might make you blink

a few times and make your vision a bit blurry.

That will quickly go away.

Can I get you to come forward, chin in here?

Then, at some point, the eye doctor will ask you

to put your head against a frame to hold it still.

It will help you relax without moving.

Then, just enjoy the ballet of things moving around you.

It's mesmerizing.

With all these tests, the eye doctor checks your eye health,

makes sure you can move your eyes properly,

and that everything is where it's supposed to be inside your eyes.

We see everything in the eye reverse and upside-down as well.

If it turns out you need glasses, you will get to choose the ones

you like the most, with the help of another specialist called an optician.

They will make sure your new prescription fits you properly.

And that's it.