When Should I See a Fertility Specialist?

It's always a question that people have, when it's time for us to seek the assistance of

a fertility specialist. I generally use age as my guide. If you are under 35, it is worthwhile

for you to try for a year on your own. If you're between the ages of about 36 and 38,

I would probably give it about 6 months. Anyone over the age of 38 I would encourage to seek

the care of a specialist relatively quickly -- within a few months of trying.

Now there are a couple of people that I would recommend seeing a fertility specialist right

away. Anybody that doesn't have regular menstrual cycles should seek the care at least of their

primary provider, if not a specialist relatively early. Simply because if you're not ovulating

an egg on a regular basis it's going to be awfully difficult to conceive on your own.

The other group that I would recommend see the care of a specialist quite early would

be anybody that's had exposure to cytotoxic chemicals or environmental exposures. A great

example would be someone had who perhaps had chemotherapy as a youngster, or someone who

works in an environment where they see a lot of chemicals. Those individuals probably would

benefit from seeing a fertility specialist much sooner.