Signs of the Time to Replace Your Toilet

hi my name is Stephanie Robinson I'm

with Robyn's plumbing and today I want

to talk to you about signs that it's

time to replace your toilet so while I

don't have a crystal ball that can

predict when it's time to replace your

toilet I do know after 22 years there

are some definite indicators so the

average lifespan of a toilet is about 20

to 25 years so if your toilets from the

80s and it's ugly

and you've been thinking about it anyway

it's time so but some actual physical

science other than we think our toilets

ugly are one you have to plunge it that

shouldn't happen so just like in another

video I posted I don't even own a

plunger whoo I don't want to do that

so if you have to plunge your toilet

it's definitely an indicator that it's

time to start considering being

proactive and getting rid of it so

another sign is that it takes more than

one flush for something to go down so

not that it's backed up but you have to

flush it twice three times to get

anything that's solid to go down that is

definitely an indicator that it's

getting to be at its age at its prime

and it's going to need to be replaced

so another sign I have a couple more is

that you see mineral deposits when

you're cleaning the toilet at the rim

where the water comes out out of those

ports and you see mineral deposits that

is going to ruin your flush and there's

only so much you can do about it after

time and hard water and those are really

hard to clean up in there it reduces the

volume of water that's coming into the

bowl so if you're not having the plunge

constantly now or having to flush

multiple times those mineral deposits

are definitely an indicator that those

are things in the future that you're

going to be dealing with and very much

about being proactive so rather than

having to go through that pain and

expense it's definitely time to start

considering replacing your toilet at

that point

and the other thing that's a surefire

sign is that the water in the bowl comes

up really high you're like oh God before

it goes down again that's an indicator

that that flush isn't what it used to be

and that bowl is just gonna continue to

rise and rise and you're constantly

going to have stoppages so those are the

four major signs that it's definitely

getting to be time to be proactive and

get that toilet replaced toilets are

super affordable there are tons of

styles on the market we have a video on

how to purchase a toilet things to


Sani gloss skirted color I mean just

tons of stuff should it be low boys

should it have a 1 gallon flush should I

have dual flush so there's lots of

options out there so check out our video

for that as well but if you have any of

these signs you're plunging you're

having to flush multiple times that

water levels rising or you see those

mineral deposits it's definitely time to

start doing your research and getting a

toilet that you love because you're

gonna have another 20 to 25 year

relationship with it so I hope you found

these tips helpful today if you're ready

for a new toilet or you'd like to have

yours inspected of course give us a call

at six two three four eight six four six

five seven or on our website at robbins

plumbing com