You Need to Replace This on Your Car Right Now

today i'm going to talk about the forgotten air filter the cabin air

filter as they say they filter the air inside

your cabin and unlike other things where if it

ain't broke don't fix it no you want to do preventative

maintenance with these things here's why the cabin air filter filters

the air it goes inside your car goes through the

heater goes through the air conditioner and keeps crap from getting in there but

the crap will get stuck on the filter and i fixed many cars that

didn't have good air conditioning or hardly any heat just by replacing a

clogged up filter but it's worse than just not flowing

right and not getting hot enough or cold enough

if this thing is restricted it can make your fan work harder

clog things up if crud gets through because it's all clogged up and get in

the system it can destroy parts of your system like

the fan motor will be straining too much it'll burn

out and here's something that you may never have thought of but if they spin

and wear out the copper that's inside your little fan motor

sucks the air and blows it around can get worn faster it can throw little bits

of copper in the system and since most ac evaporators and heater

cores these days are made out of aluminum the copper and aluminum

can have a galvanic response and it can end up eating holes

in the super expensive heater course or evaporator course for the ac

system and if you price out changing a heater core and evaporator core in a

modern car some of those jobs can cost you over

1500 bucks these filters don't cost much they're

relatively easy to change as i'm going to show you now they can hide those

filters all over the place some cars put them under the windshield in this

case it's in the more common one in this lexus it's in the glove box and

yeah you got to take the crap out of your glove box the big deal

it's not that hard to do now we got the crap out of the way i want you to look

inside it's pretty simple you pull this cover off it's covering it

up then there's another cover we just don't

snap that sometimes they're hard to get to but

when you squeeze them they'll eventually come off there we go

now there's the filter as you can see this says up that way

you want to put them in the right way now just grab the stupid thing and pull

it out and look look at the crap that's in

there as you can see there's all kinds of crud in here it's

going to restrict the flow more importantly if you have any kind of

allergies it's all going to grow inside here we're going to replace this one

and then of course you got to decide what do you want to replace it with

and you'll find out there's all kinds of ones you get expensive ones

high flow ones ones that have carbon filtering

discount ones you can choose which one you want but you need an old knowledge

about it too now don't be overwhelmed by these

choices decide how clean do you want the air to be if

you're one of these people that has a lot of

problems with pollen and allergies my advice is

get one that's got a carbon-based filtration system

and that will help stop the allergies the carbon does a good job

and if you know you maintain your vehicle you might get one of those k

n ones they cost more but they filter quite well

and they're cleanable so instead of keep buying them

you can take them out you can vacuum out you can spray them with the cleaner

put them back in it all depends on what you want

and if you're a real fanatic about clean air you might want to buy one of those

new volvo xc90s they have a thing called

interior air quality system i a

q s evolva it's a fully automated system that removes particles noxious gases

it's a very sophisticated system if let's say you're getting too much

carbon dioxide inside the car we realize we exhale carbon dioxide

it'll make you sleepy it automatically will take it out of the recirculation

mode and put it into the fresh air mode

coming through the filter so you won't build up carbon dioxide

because i understand if you have a well-sealed car

put it on recirc you're going to build up carbon dioxide now if you've got an

old clunker that's full of holes you're not going to care

air's going to be blown through the whole time but if you remember those old

ants for volkswagen beetles they float for a certain period of time

they would float they were relatively air tight inside

if you had a perfectly sealed car you would of course be putting out too much

carbon dioxide so you'd need some fresh air every once

in a while there's various systems out there today

with computers and stuff that bypass that if you're really a

fanatic you might look into that stuff the next time you're buying a new car

you know when you're driving on a road there's a stinky car old truck throwing

black soot out of the diesel to you this will automatically put it to

research stop there but it also warns you so that if you're

getting too much carbon dioxide you're not going to have a problem with

falling asleep at the wheel for those of you who don't have these systems you can

just don't keep it on recirculate all the time

you can put it on fresh recirculate or what a lot of guys do

is they'll have it on recirculate but they'll crack one of the windows just a

little and that's plenty enough to let air in

so the carbon dioxide won't build up you start to feel sleepy

if you have more than 1 000 parts of carbon dioxide per million and just

cracking the window that'll keep that out it'll suck your

air will be coming in but i mean if you're worried just

put your car on fresh when you're on a highway most cars aren't sealed that

well anyways when you're changing your filter

decide what do you want to do if you just want to filter out leaves and

debris and stuff just buy a plain old paper one they're

the cheapest ones if you really don't like smells then get

one that's carbon infused to help get rid of the smell

and if you really want the ultimate filtration but you don't want to keep

buying these stupid things get one of those

knw ones that can last forever you just keep cleaning them

use a little spray cleaner put them back in but don't forget about it

because if it does clog up it can cause some very expensive repairs in your heat

and air conditioning system inside you're not going to be as hot in

the winter not as cold in the summer and if you wear out some parts inside

from straining too much you're going to wish you bought yourself

a little 10 12 filter every once in a while or at least

take your old one out clean it with a vacuum cleaner and get

the dust out of it and put it back in you want to keep good flow now as we go

back inside you can see it's an easy job to put it

back in we pulled the old one out and this

particular one shows air flow and you want the airflow

to go the way it's flowing now in this particular case the air is

flowing down because the fan's under there and

it's sucking it in so in this case the airflow goes down

you want it to go down because the air is coming from the

outside flowing through here then being blown around out the vents

and when you take it out and turn it on you can feel it sucking

in so the air goes that way if it had been

blowing out then the flow would be this way but the

flow's down so it's sucking in and since it's sucking in you want the

airflow to go that way because it's sucking down

then you just snap the cover back on

it's always fun fiddling with this plastic grip but

eventually there it goes nice and tight and then we get the cover and the cover

snaps in too that's just so stuff doesn't fall in

there now it's in nice and tight we can throw the crap back in

and close it up and as you can see you can now breathe a lot

easier and so can your fan motor you won't get any crud that might eventually

make it past the filter get inside and ruin some of those

plastic gears it costs a fortune to replace if you have to take the dash

apart now as the saying goes out of sight out

of mind well you don't want this to be out of mind

even though it's out of sight crud builds up rally this particular car is

parked under pine trees because it's got pine needles

pine needles are very acidic you don't want to be messing around with

stuff inside your car you want to take it out every once in a while and clean

it now this one and this older lexus is really well

designed you can see it doesn't take 20 seconds to change it out some you got

to unscrew take the glove box out some of them are

under the cowling here we gotta take plastic stuff off but for

your own peace of mind find out where your cabin filter

is check it at least twice a year to get the crud out of it

especially if you have allergies this is going to lower it

especially if you get a higher quality filter if you want you can even get

aftermarket kits to have ionizers or if you live up north

and you're worried about being dried out you can get ones that have humidifiers

put into them you can even get dehumidifiers if you

live like in houston where you want to get rid of the

humidity you can add whatever you want but don't forget about the lowly cabin

air filter because you might regret it with some

very expensive repairs or everyone in your family might be

sneezing their head off all the time because all those allergens are getting

thrown all over the place because they built up on it because you didn't clean

the thing or replace it when it was all clogged up and if you

live up north if you got a bunch of stuff blocking it doesn't get much flow

you can even get wet and freeze up in the winter you won't get any airflow at

all so you do want to check it i've had it

cars up north take them out sometimes in bad weather

because i'm worried that they're going to get wet and freeze up

and not work i've even done that when i was in snowstorms with an air filter

i had opal and air filter kept getting frozen

up snow and ice and it wouldn't suck air it hardly would go over 20 miles an hour

i just took the air filter off from the trip and now i put it back in later

i wanted to get somewhere that little bit not having an air filter

isn't really going to hurt anything but it really would hurt something if you

got the heater on it's not sucking any air and your windows start fogging up

and you can't see where you're going so pay just a little bit of tension to

your cabin air filter to prevent expensive repairs

later on and to make your driving experience

better so now you know the truth about cab and air filters

how a very simple device can be easily checked and replaced

by yourself with whatever level of quality filtration you want to pay for

so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos

remember to ring that bell