iPhone Battery - When To Replace It

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and I'm asked almost every single day when

should I replace my iphone battery due to the battery health what's a good time

to replace it at what percentage and I wanted to show you when you should

replace it and when it's time to just swap that battery out and bring it back

up to full power and this phone just experienced a shutdown you'll see right

here it says this iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the

battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power performance

management performance management has been applied to help prevent this from

happening again so what that means is this phone has

been slowed down because it wasn't able to provide the amount of power needed

that means the battery has degraded so we'll go to settings and then if we go

to battery and then we go to battery health you'll see it says 88% and it

says this iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown peak performance

capability but there's still an issue here I would say that if you get that

message then is the time to actually replace it you can see Apple here says

phone batteries like all rechargeable batteries are consumable components that

become less effective as they age this is when you want to get it replaced and

there's multiple ways to get this replaced the easiest way is just to

bring it to an Apple Store but you're going to pay anywhere from about 50 to

70 dollars to have them replace the battery however you're guaranteed a good

battery you can also get them at third-party places which I'll link in

the description below places like iFixit or Amazon where you

can replace it yourself and in most of these phones it's pretty simple and

straightforward on this one it's two screws put a suction cup on the front

pop it up and there's a couple connectors under here and you're good to

go and that's really all there is to it then you'll be back up to peak

performance it will perform like it did before and you'll have longer battery

life like it was new again so that is when you should replace it ignore this

number until it reboots and tells you that the peak performance isn't capable

because it's shut down so it says performance management has been applied

to help prevent this from happening again now I can disable this by tapping

this is disabled and it will speed back up but if it shuts down it may just turn

off while I'm using it so they'll apply this slowness to it until it actually is

replaced and I can disable it and now I'm back to peak performance but the

phone could unexpectedly shut down again and it hopefully won't do that but

that's really when I should consider replacing the battery let me know if

you've had your battery replaced or if you plan to replace it and hopefully

that helps you out if you were wondering when you should do that if you have any

other questions or comments let me know in the comments below I'll link this

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