When to replace the furnace

okay when should the furnace be replaced

this is kind of a tough one

these are pretty durable appliances and

because it's old doesn't mean it's

dangerous they've had safety devices on

these things flame safeties and overheat

safeties on them for many years at least

50 years and they're adequate the newer

ones are better they have more controls

and they're probably a little safer

however these are not unsafe appliances

these newer furnaces or not if you're

thinking about replacing a working


it's working fine just for energy

efficiency I don't know it's kind of up

to you but a 50 year old first should

have about a 70% operating efficiency

that means 70% of the gas that's burned

if it's gas or oil should be turned into

heat for the structure a give me a

little example in the northern client

2200 square foot home pre-new home built

within the last 20 years would cost

about $850 per year to heat of course

that's going to vary with yours but this

is just kind of a ballpark number uh if

I had a 70% efficient furnace $850 with

a 95% furnace that same bill would be

five hundred and fifty-two dollars how

long would it take to pay back a new

furnace with the energy savings the new

first cost 4000 take about seven years

it's quite a long payback I mean there's

other numbers that are involved here and

there's your own thoughts on it but I am

one one of the thoughts is the service

guy ask him what he thinks what he would

do if it was his or his mother's furnace


obviously if you've got a very old house

doesn't have any insulation has poor

windows the numbers are going to be much

higher the one exception is if you've

got coal or wood a furnace that has been

converted to gas or oil I get rid of it

those things are terribly inefficient

and really don't have very good safeties

on them so I think that one will be gone

okay the one other thing with gas

furnaces they do crack heat exchangers

and if someone finds a crack in a heat

exchanger ask to see it I mean it's just

good business really you should know

what it is and he should be able to show

you a reasonable reasonably big crack in

the first couple inches maybe more umm

cracks on front panels really I don't

know they can't affect furnaces and the

jury's kind of out on level should be

replaced but if it has a crack in the

heat exchanger it can produce carbon

monoxide and that's a poisonous gas so

that is a real hazard most gas utilities

will inspect your furnace for Krabbe

heat exchanger so you might be able to

do that and usually don't charge

anything for it so but if the exchanger

is cracked I think your best route to

replace the furnace most furnaces built

within the last 20 years if they were 90

plus efficient have lifetime warranties

on their heat exchangers I'm still not

sure I would replace the heat exchanger

rather than replace the furnace I mean

you know let's it's an option okay while

you're considering that consider this if

your furnace has an expensive repair

anything over five hundred dollars

sometimes a little less if it's a very

old furnace you might want to consider

well that makes

hands and put the money into replacement

of the furnace instead of repair there

again pretty much up to you depending on

age of the furnace your experience with

it how well it's worked what kind of

troubles is given before so summing it

up so again when you replace your

furnace older first has an expensive

repair in six months later has another

expensive problem being up some second

thoughts about that repair so you know

it's kind of like your car you fix your

motor and the transmission goes out so

the answer is also not just in the

numbers ah sometimes you would just like

to have a dependable piece of piece of

equipment in your basement or wherever

it is and that you know a lot of people

that's how they purchase is they say

well I just don't want this thing to

give me any more trouble so get out of

here put a new one in also if you want

to conserve energy that old 70 percent

er ain't so efficient and the newer

furnaces go up to 95 percent efficient

so you can gain a lot by going to the

high efficiency furnace that's pretty

much up to you ah newer furnaces it's a

little easier to add accessories like

air conditioning and electronic air

cleaners and all sorts of other silly

things humidifiers and stuff like that

sometimes it would be best to replace a

furnace uh partly because you want to

add other things later ah China having

something cool to talk about to your

neighbors I guess that could affect your

decision too so um again it always ends

up balls in your court if you trust your

service guy uh certainly listen to what

he's got to say he is going to know it

as well as like

be expected and I had an earlier video

on checking out service guys and just go

with your gut on it anyway that's when

you should replace the furnace