Should I try to clean my carpet or should I replace it?

hello everyone it's Bob Martin from

services etc carpet upholstery cleaning

proudly serving mountaintop Hazleton the

Pocono Mountains and surrounding

communities since 1990 today I'm going

to help you answer that tough question

is it worth having my carpets cleaned or

should I just replace them so go ahead

and show me your dirtiest rugs if it

makes you feel a little better the

before and after photos featured in this

video we're from actual jobs that

occurred within a one-week span the

first item to consider when assessing

whether or not you should even waste

your time or money to try cleaning a

heavily soiled carpet are your

expectations what do you feel is an

acceptable level of clean maybe you just

need to make it downstairs play a room

last another year and so a sanitary

carpet with a few small stains remaining

is okay or perhaps you have a luxurious

living room where you frequently

entertain guests and so traffic patterns

are okay but you don't want any spots or

stains showing as an IICRC certified

journeyman textile cleaner with over 30

years of experience your expectations

would be the first thing I would need to

establish before I could begin answering

the question after that we should be

considering whether or not our

expectations are reasonable for the

conditions that are present as evidenced

by the photos and footage being

presented in this video it is possible

to get out some nasty looking spots and

stains while greatly improving the

appearance of the carpets although we

make it look easy there are no 100%

guarantees also not all appearance

issues are soil related and they could

be the result of normal wear sun fading

or other permanent damage this is where

it helps to understand our expectations

so that we can start to weigh the type

of soil and physical condition of the

rug against a likelihood of meeting our

goals as for overall and general

appearance it's important to inspect

traffic lanes to determine if what looks

like soil might not be soil it's easy to

mistake darker areas of carpet for soil

when they actually have normal wear and

traffic patterns physical change is in

the carpet due to normal use or some

type of damage and wear do not clean out

as they are not soiled perhaps this

might be a deal-breaker and so you don't

need to look any further to answer the

question if traffic patterns are

acceptable to you start taking account

of any black spots and if they are

caused by grease tar or oil oil-based

soils are normally removed with little

or no problems

however the labor time and material cost

involved depend on how large or how

sticky or how gummy the spot might be

each spot is unique with its own set of

characteristics notice if there are

colored stains and what color they are

red food dyes are the worst as they are

very stubborn to remove and so knowing

that might help you answer your question

once you take stock of the carpet spots

stains and physical appearance issues

and compared their likelihood of being

cleaned or corrected against your

expectations then you can answer the

question is it worth having my carpets

cleaned or should I just replace them

I'll tell you something that's a lot

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trained eye again I'm Bob Martin from

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I want to thank you for watching our

video and you know check back now and

then we do put some videos up every

couple of weeks thank you