Is Your Motorcycle Chain Worn Out?


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about chains how long do they last but

more importantly how do you know they're

done so if you really take care of your

chain and sprockets and lube and adjust

it and clean it and do it every three to

five hundred miles you might get twenty

six thousand miles out of it if

everything else is perfect with your

rear wheel alignment and everything else

being all in sync for the rest of us

that are not that meticulous you might

see six to eight thousand miles out of a

chain on the road and then on a track or

a race bike considerably less because

it's getting significantly more abuse so

how do you figure out what you've got

and whether it's dead or not dead so in

this case with my race bike this chain

is going to be replaced it is reached

its natural expiration what that means

is the chain can touch the tire that way

and hit the sidewall of the tire

no problem which means conversely it can

come all the way out here so your chain

yours in a u-shape a long long way

side-to-side it moves around a ton so

that's the first dead giveaway the

second is that if you push it up the top

of the chain double bounces what that

shows you is that the plates and the

bushings are starting to basically wear

out there's very little friction between

them and because of that the chain again

slaps around a lot so if there's very

little friction between the place and

the bushings guess what the chains kind

of your so the example you can see at

the bottom makes sense but at the top

they can come right off the runner way

past the runner in fact almost the

entire link

outside of that protective chain runner

so that's no good whatsoever then the

third piece of the puzzle to look at is

if you can get a lot of free play

between the chain and the teeth and what

that means is you've got to grab it and

you got to pull it back so take the

chain in the middle of the at nine

o'clock and then can health or can you

pull it back now if you can pull this

back enough to start seeing the you

under here then that changed shot it's

beyond gone so when you come get all

this free play back here and a lot of

movement where the link comes halfway up

the tooth it's done so you're in a you

well the chain go outside the runner can

you flex it out there and can you pull

it off the back of the sprocket it's

time I don't care how well you've taken

over maintenance of your chain whether

you've got a new chain whether you've

gone ahead and taken a used bike with an

old chain when it's done it's done throw

it away

get another chain and yes buy expensive

chain do not buy cheap chain because

you'll be replacing on average two or

three cheap chains to a good chain it

isn't worth it it doesn't make any sense

whatsoever so easy quick assessment if

in doubt it's gone get another one and

before you make that decision of just

throwing this chain away you need to

know how many links you have in the

chain and boy is that a tedious process

because you have to count them all so

you have to find your master link and

then start counting all the faceplace

from the master link so you know if you

have a hundred and 12 14 16 18 20 those

are the standard lens

so if you know you have a hundred and

twenty link chain you can go buy a

hundred and twenty link chain you don't

have to cut it you rivet it and jobs

done or if you do then a road bike and

it's just a clip link yeah not good you

can do that so count your links as well

as a step that everybody forgets because

then when they go to the store to buy

the chain oh how many links you have mmm

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