Recognizing the Signs That You Need a New Roof

so we're gonna go up on this roof today

and show you a lot of different things

the reasons why this roof needs to be

replaced we don't recommend that you go

on your roof or any roof that's for


looking up at this roof you can see that

the edges of the shingles are starting

to curl and this is a problem that

occurs naturally with an older roof it's

also a problem for your insurance

company because it's the one thing that

they don't want to see and can see from

the ground usually this situation will

stop you from getting any realistic

insurance on your house

this roof also has tab adhesion problems

another thing that happens as a shingle

ages it loses the adhesion at the edge

of the tab and as you can see I can lift

these shingles up and some of them I

don't get any noise some of them I get a

little bit of noise what happens in a

windstorm is that the shingle lifts up

in the wind breaks off and water enters

through the nail holes that are exposed


so rooftop gardens are very popular in

New York City but not a good idea for

your roof like this one all this stuff

is growing in tree debris that sits on

the roof and rots and as it rots it

becomes very acidic and ages this part

of the roof much faster than the rest of

the roof and of course this is a valley

so underneath the shingles we have a

metal valley pan and they're very

sensitive to acidic water

well it's time to trim these trees

obviously they scrape back and forth on

the roof covering knocking the shingles

off and one of the things that we notice

in this situation is that the

deterioration that we saw and other

places on the roof is actually much

worse here because of the trees

over here we have a plumbing vent and

this one is wrapped in a lead boot to

waterproof it from the roof a lot of

times we see the squirrels eat these

away and of course leaks but if you look

down from above at this one you can see

that it's not installed properly and

water is able to run down the inside of

this pipe in a rainstorm so when the

roof has replaced this of course is

going to be replaced also one of the

ways that we determine the age for a

roof is to look at the metal on the roof

and as you can see from this roof then

there is some pretty heavy corrosion

happening here and this will have to be

changed with the roof for more

information about roofing visit our

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