When Is It Time To Replace My Water Heater

do I need to replace my water here

well here's a good indication when your

manufacturers sticker this particular

manufacturer actually lists a day of

manufacturer ok um that's not always

typical of when it was installed your

home's age would lead me to believe that

this is the original water heater to the

home because your house is not really

old enough to have needed a replacement

since it's been built so I feel

confident in saying this is the original

but as for the date of manufacturer it

was put in in 2003 to answer your

question a little more precisely the

average life expectancy of a heater they

list between 8 and 12 years quite a big

disparity but if you pull right in the

middle 10 years would be the average of

the average okay

yours turns 10 years old next year right

um a lot of people will get 12 years 14

years 16 years I mean even more the only

problem with applying that theory or

applying that method you won't know you

waited one day too long into your

basements flooded I'm not trying to

scare you I'm just trying to make you

aware that at about 10 years is where

they typically start to have a failure

rate that the Institute of Insurance

says you should have it changed to be on

the safe side okay does that make sense

yes sir a lot of manufacturers won't

list a manufacturer's date you'll have

to decipher the age of the water heater

out of the serial number okay you

probably as a homeowner wouldn't be able

to do that but even in the ones that

don't list a specific date of

manufacturer you can call the number

that will all be on the front of just

about any water here and it will tell

you they can tell you whether how to get

data manufacturer decipher out of the

serial number okay so even if you don't

know by the fact that it's stamped right

on the front okay they should be able to

walk you through what are the last three


usually it'll have something to do with

Julian calendar and the year okay makes


okay so then just based on timing it's

about time to start thinking about it I

would start planning for it because

again when you do these things as often

as we do you recognize that waiting one

day too long

is not worth it okay alright thank you