Tax credits renewals - a quick guide

between April and June every year we

send out tax credit renewals letters if

yours has a black line just have a quick

look and if the information is correct

you don't have to do anything if it has

a red line it means we need more

information to complete your renewal

even if you don't want to claim tax

credits now it's really important you

provide the information as soon as

possible if you don't your tax credits

could stop we could even claim money

back later if the information isn't

updated we know your life is busy so go

online or use our app it's easy and you

can renew anytime day or night

there's information to help you every

step of the way

and if you want you can chat with our

advisers online too when you finished we

can email you to let you know we've got

your renewal safely you can also go

online and check how we're getting on

with your renewal and when you'll hear

back from us

once we finish checking all the

information will tell you how much

you'll be getting and you'll be able to

check future payments online don't

forget do your renewal now or your tax

credits could stop go to gov dot UK

forward slash manage tax credits