Is it Time For a Website Redesign? Here's How to Know For Sure

does your small business need a website

redesign I will let you know how to know

for sure and we should be focusing on

this time around so you can extend your

reach and increase your impact with your


I'm West McDowell web strategist for the

deep end and this is the channel where I

show you how to use your website along

with what's working now in digital

marketing to supercharge your business

growth so your website is the most

powerful marketing tool you have as a

small business it can do so much of the

heavy lifting inside your business from

attracting new prospects into your world

too convincing more of them that they

want to work with you or buy from you

but most websites just aren't set up to

be successful so you may be wondering at

this point if a redesign is necessary so

I've got six surefire signs for you to

know if your business could benefit from

a website redesign starting right at the

top the first way to know is if you've

changed your branding or what you offer

now people often confuse branding with

logo design but the truth is branding is

all encompassing from everything from

your logo to all of your marketing

materials including your website to put

it another way your branding is the

personality of your business it's the

feeling you want people to associate

with you so if you change your logo or

any of your other branding elements

everything needs to match so that may

not necessarily mean a ground-up

redesign but it definitely at least

means a rethinking of the overall look

and feel similarly if you change what

you offer what you do fundamentally

you're gonna need new written content

for that now the problem is you don't

want to just shoehorn this new written

content into the slots left over from

your current website so you may need to

start thinking to redesign at that point

and the extent of that is gonna really

depend on how much of a departure your

new content is from your old content all

right the next reason for a redesign is

if your customers aren't engaged and

then read the way you would know this is

by looking into your Google Analytics so

let's say you look at your analytics and

you can tell them when people are coming

to your site they're just bouncing right

off it's called bounce rate that's

generally not a good sign but actually

the main metric to look at here is time

on site in other words how long people

are sticking around and engaging with


pages and the reason I'd like to look at

time on page more than a bounce rate is

pretty simple because us bounce rates

can be deceiving you know imagine if

you've got a great homepage the people

are finding everything they need on that

homepage and then they're leaving at

that point that's not necessarily a bad

thing but it's still considered a bounce

because they haven't gone to any other

pages on the other hand if they're

coming and leaving within like five or

ten seconds that is a much bigger issue

because that means either what they're

seeing is confusing or it isn't

persuasive or it might just be a really

outdated design that's not inspiring any

trust in you as a business and depending

on what the problem actually is you know

a redesign complete with the whole

rethinking of your written content we'd

probably go a long way to fixing that

problem and if you want to know how to

plan for all those elements go ahead and

sign up for my free masterclass by

clicking right up here the next reason

is if it's too complicated so most

businesses tend to say way too much on

their website and offer way too many

pages which can sound like a good thing

right it sounds like you're catering to

everybody but the truth is whenever you

include too much content and give people

too many choices people just tend to

really get lost in the weeds and not

know where to go next

the better thing to do is really to

concentrate on those handful of pages

that are going to lead to a sale or at

least lead to someone becoming a lead

that you can keep in front of over time

and this might actually be a really

simple fix it might just be about

restructuring the navigation tabs in

your header you know prioritizing what

should go up there that's really

important and what's not so important

that might be better demoted into the

footer menu or it might be a good time

to just start fresh especially if you're

trying to fix any of the other problems

on this list at the same time alright

next if your website isn't set up to get

you clients now and later if your

website isn't continually bringing in

your new business it isn't doing its job

so I definitely always recommend every

website needs two different calls to

action one primary called action which

is there to let give people a really

easy way to get the ball rolling if

they're ready to do business now and the

secondary call to action is there to

build your list of leads you know people


the vast majority of people who are not

ready to do business right now people

who are just basically in research mode

and you might need a redesign for this

because there's a lot of planning

involved and where to put all these

different elements on your site

especially a really strong opt-in

section for your lead magnet which is

how you start building that list of

future customers also you need to plan

out the colors and the overall style of

your call to action buttons I advise

that your main call to action button

should be big bright and bold so that it

stands out against all the other

elements on the page and not only that

but whatever color you choose for your

call to action button should not be used

anywhere else on the site it is reserved

just for that main call-to-action button

and then you'll also give a different

color to your secondary call-to-action

button this basically eliminates all the

guesswork involved in what someone has

to do to become a client or customer all

right next we have if it doesn't perform

well on mobile so over half of website

traffic and website visits are done on

mobile and that's going up every single

year so if your mobile website loads

slowly is just an afterthought or just

looks like a small version of your

desktop site that is gonna have to

change and the sooner the better

just about every modern WordPress theme

is responsive meaning it will scale down

in a really sophisticated way for mobile

devices as well as for tablets and my

favorite way of building a site now is

using WordPress at Elementor and that

makes it really easy to design the whole

site on desktop and then switch to a

mobile view and then just make those

little tweaks that make your site we

perform so much better on a mobile

device because in a lot of cases your

desktop site can be much more full and

have a lot more visual flair because you

can afford to have that on desktop but

it would have to be removed in a mobile

site just so people don't have to

endlessly scroll through your entire

page all right next if it doesn't tell

the story of your ideal customer one

thing that doesn't always come naturally

to businesses on their website is to

talk in a way that means something to

their ideal customers and the way you do

that is through a customer saga story

where you basically present the problem

they're going

you tell them how you solve it and then

finally what their life looks like on

the other side of working with you that

kind of copy is what expert marketers

have been using for decades because it

works so if your website isn't hitting

on that customer saga you're definitely

gonna do much much better if you write

it all out and of course the new written

content often needs a new layout to make

it work so if you have any of these

problems you could just make some minor

tweaks to improve things but if you

could check off at least three of these

items it might be much more freeing for

you just to start fresh

rather than you know basically plugging

holes with piecemeal revisions and even

if you're under a really tight budget

this is all doable by you if you have

the right strategy and the right plan to

bring it all to life so if you haven't

done it yet go ahead and sign up for my

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