Should You Quit Your Job?! (TAKE THIS QUIZ)


let's go into I'm gonna teach on this

and then we'll get to Michael who's up

next so I want to tell you about a great

resource right now that's absolutely

free so I have I have no problem telling

you about products and things that we're

gonna be developing for you but this is

a free resource so I got the extra juice

talking about things that I give you for

free and this thing is going crazy it's

the should I quit my job quiz and this

is so fun because we've had thousands

and thousands and thousands of people

jump on this in about a week and a half

two weeks time it's at Ken Coleman calm

and it's 20 questions take you less than

three minutes and you're gonna get one

of four different results you're in the

right role in the right place that means

you and your sweet spot okay so I doubt

you're taking this quiz if you're that

person but nonetheless we walk you

through it the second place you could be

in is you're in the wrong role in the

right place the third is you're in the

right role in the wrong place or you're

in the wrong role excuse me wrong place

wrong role now I'm gonna walk through

these over the next few days but I'm

gonna talk today about what do you do

when you're in the wrong role in the

right place so what that means is great

company great culture good people good

leadership you're just not in the right

seat on the bus right something's off

either you're not really really you know

in a place where you're using what you

do best your talents or you're really

good at it but the actual work itself

there's no connection so that's or it's

not creating a result right so think

talent what I do best

passion what I love to do results which

is mission what's my mission well that's

the results that I really care about

okay so that's your three part grid

alright now so when you're in the wrong

role because one of those three or all

three or two or three are not in

alignment then you're in the wrong role

in the right place what do you do so the

first thing I want you to do is start

scanning the actual company you're in

they like you you're in you know

everybody or if you don't know everybody

you know somebody that knows somebody

you can get to anybody in the company

start to look around are there better

roles that are available or might be


the future that align and get you in

your sweet spot it allow you to do what

you do best to do what you love to do

most and create results that matter

deeply to you okay so we're looking for

that second thing is once you begin to

find those things or see them you've got

to communicate to your leader and

confirm what that path might be so

you're already in you're not saying hey

I want to quit you're just going I don't

know this is the best fit for me and so

I've looked at this role over here and

I'm really interested because I think

it's a better fit for me and for the

company it's a win-win now but you're my

leader you know can we begin to discuss

what that might look like because I

would like to throw my hat in the ring

I'd like to step into that that's if

it's available or it might come

available what would be the procedure

you want to communicate clearly here

okay and then of course we got to always

look at experience in education what

experience or education and I'm not

saying go to college I'm saying what do

you need to learn and do that's

experience in education to be qualified

for that role internally and and then

after you have got a path from them and

what that would look like you've

actually gone and done the work that you

need to do okay that means you've got

the learning you got the experience and

then you come back and you follow back

up with that leader and say hey I've

done you've told me to do I'm ready to

go and that's a simple process for

getting in the right role in the right

place when you're in the wrong role in

the right place there's hope there's

always a path and that's why I'm here to

help you by the way should I quit my job

quiz again go get it Ken Coleman comm 3

excuse me I can't even think three

minutes or less and 20 questions it's

super effective is gonna print out your

results and then what to do we have

additional articles for each one of

those results that'll really really help

you so go get that it's an awesome for

equation by the way if you don't need it

but you know somebody that does share

the quiz super helpful