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into it twinkle twinkle little star

i deserve a luxury rental car while my

car is in your shop

or your services i will drop

creative title i like it a couple of

years ago

i started working in the front office of

a collision repair center

let's call it fix it queen the shop

specialized in fixing damaged cars from

auto accidents but sometimes that'll

take on mechanical repair work as well

we had at the time two mechanics with

about 50 years of combined experience

and certifications

four or five painters three detailed

guys to wash and vacuum cars

and about eight repair technicians my

job was to estimate the damage

submit our estimated cost to the

customer or insurance company

whoever was paying and secure payment

for the estimate

this took place in january or february

after a recent snowfall

the customer our caller emma came in

with two small children

probably no older than six or seven

years old her accident hadn't injured

the children

but her audi suv had slid on a patch of

ice and struck a guardrail

damaging the back quarter panel and both

doors as part of the customer service


i introduced myself and sat down to

discuss a few things with her

i basically knew she was going to be

trouble with her first remark was

oh you're the guy i'm supposed to talk


i thought i'd have someone different

i let the implications of that statement

go laughed it off and explained the

repair process

i asked if she was having her car

repaired at our shop and she said she

had questions

did we use audi parts yes we had to deal

with a local audi dealership

and use their parts to store for audi

and several other high-end vehicles

how long would the repairs take less

than two weeks

everything needed to be replaced then

repainted the match

we would check all the doors and sensors

and even test drive her car before

calling her to state it was fixed

were the repairs guaranteed yes for as

long as she owned the car we would

guarantee any paint

and parts put on her car we'd also

provide invoices for the audi parts


did we have any rental cars available no

the rental was handled by our insurance


now fixit queen had a partnership with

their insurance company

so the insurance had already sent to a

rental car company that could come pick

her up

i presented emma with a contract slash

power of attorney

that reiterated what i had said verbally

advised that she pick up any belongings

and an 11 point font stated that any

work done

would have to be paid for before a

vehicle could leave the shop

we didn't use small print for our

contracts because corporate said so

i told emma that she would owe 500


according to her insurance company when

she came to pick it up

emma signed and i made a copy of her

driver's license

emma went outside with a rental car

company agent let's call her mystique

i filled her paperwork and returned to

the lobby area to find mystique and emma

standing there

both frustrated emma was mad at the

rental car being given to her was a

chevrolet impala

and not an audi mystique said you all

have an audi or similar vehicle you

could rent out to her

and i said no we don't do rentals we fix

damaged cars

we don't rent them out emma sucked her


that's very rude of you to say my

insurance company said they would have

another car like mine

here for pickup and i want another car

like mine i have two small children and

i need to keep them

safe i explained again to emma that we

could not do this

and she huffed and sat down to call her

insurance company mystique sat down to

play on her phone

i guess i should explain that fix it

queen had a lobby area

and they were sitting on the sofas in

the lobby with emma's two children

playing around them

emma talked very loudly to her insurance

agent and to escape the noise

i went to do my job i went to emma's

audi suv drove it into the shop and

assigned it to a technician

when i returned to my office emma was

still on the phone yelling about a

substandard rental car

my boss came to the door of my office

and asked what was going on so i

explained and told him that i was taking

care of it

i continued to ignore emma's ranting on

the phone and threats to dropper

insurance company

so i could call the audi dealership to

order parts my contact there verify

parts prices and guaranteed delivery by

end of the workday

i sent the order to her insurance

company to have payment transferred to


i went to emma the good news a few more


emma got off the phone she'd been in the

lobby for a little over an hour i asked

how things had gone with her insurance

emma basically stated that she was going

to take her car and leave

and would drop her insurance as no one

was helpful

i asked emma to hold on and went into

the shop to find her car

auto repair technicians usually work

quickly because the more cars they work


the more they can get paid i found

emma's audi suv with both doors removed

the rear bumper loosened and the tech

was working to remove

the right tail lamp all of these steps

were necessary to replace their damaged

doors and quarter panel

i returned inside and told emma what had

happened she shrieked at me

shrieked and grabbed her hair because we

already started working on a car

she accused us of working on a car

without permission threatened to sue us

and called me an

idiot i went to the office made a quick

copy of her signed contract and brought

it to emma

i told her that she had given us legally

binding permission to work on her car

and that we've begun work per that

agreement i also told her that in accord

with our work authorization

if she chose to remove her car she'd

first have to pay the fees for the work

already done

we would stop working till we could

verify how we would receive payment

i also told her that mystique would be

able to advise the rental car company


on upgrading her rental over the next

three days

emma called several times her insurance

cord several times

and other collision repair shops called

several times everyone wanted to know

how the repairs were going

what was going on etc my answers were

always the same

emma owed a 200 bill for labor involved

in starting the repairs and cancel in

the parts order

and after the first 24 hours we were

charged 25 usd per day in storage

we would not do any further work until

we were paid for what had been done

by the end of the week emma came in

personally talked to my boss and agreed

to repairs and she was going to pay out

of pocket for an hourly rental for her


her car was fixed by the end of the

following week but i think her insurance

ended up dropping there because we

charged them for storage fees in

accordance with our contract

what a pain in the ass person man i mean

just because you ain't getting the

rental car that you want you think you

can just start walking over people and

demanding things

it's just like typically entitled

parents i mean

she's gotta feel sorry again for the

kids because because obviously the

parent is just a right nightmare

ep thought i was going to pay her bills

to babysit her kid i originally posted

this on r

entitled [ __ ] and a comment has

suggested i share it here

so i copied and pasted it for you guys

with the exception of changing eb

to ep for clarity enjoy

this happened about four years ago this

ep is my older sister

ever since her daughter was born she's

always treated everyone in the family

like mandatory

free babysitters and while it's always

been annoying in the past

this incident took the freaking cake so

when this happened

i wanted to save up money to move to

europe ep and my brother were living in

the same house at the time

and we thought it'd be a good idea for

me to stay with the family and help with


all the while i could save up money to

move abroad and this time i just started

dating my now fiance

but back then we weren't serious all the

more reason i'm grateful i didn't go

anyway sometime during our conversations

i'd mentioned that i wouldn't mind

watching my niece from time to time

while living there

i started looking for a job in the area

i've been moving to and casually

mentioned to my sister that would be

filling out an

open availability on the applications

this was when her real intentions came


she got into a huge argument with me

about how i couldn't work nights or

weekends because she needed me to

babysit her kid

my experiences in customer service and

retail so basically

that's not an option for me i asked her

if she intended on paying me to babysit

and this is how the conversation went no

because you still need to help me with

the bills

done founded silence as i process what i

just heard

wait so you want me to pay to move out

there find a customer service job that

will hire me only daytime availability

so i can watch your kid for free and

fork over what little money i make to

help with your bills

yeah so are you out of your eff in mind

she's your niece you [ __ ] she's your

daughter why don't you try spending more

time with her instead of pulling her off

to other people every night so you can

go f dudes

the rest of the conversation is fuzzy

but needless to say i'm glad i stayed

where i am

where i'm now engaged and not living

with a crazy eb who seems to think

god put me on this earth to serve her

babysitting needs

oh my word

ian demands i put my pitbull down so

this is the second time i've run into

someone so pissed about dog breeds

this happened saturday check my profile

for some other stories about my dog

i'll link a photo at the end backstory

for y'all who don't know

i own a white and ball pit bull black

jack russell mix

she looks like a small pit we rescued

her from abusive situation which

involves dog fighting physical abuse

breeding etc

here we go i was walking through a

forest trail near my house

i live in michigan so there are a lot of

state parks when a kid comes sprinting

around the corner

this is pk poor kid e.m is still around

the corner so i can't see her yet

doggy doggy can i pet him mister

sure lad she loves kids my dog does that

thing where she flops on her side and

then rolls over

so that she looks like a dead spider

with her legs in the air she has that


pitbull smile as some people put it on

her face and the kid starts giving her a

belly rub

she loved it then em starts around the


at first she doesn't look concerned she

sees a smiling kid playing with a dog

as she gets closer she sees the breed

and yanks her 10 year old away with the

force of someone dragging her kid out of

a burning car

no mom that man has a nice dog and i

want to play

how dare you put my kid in a dangerous


it's not dangerous mum it's a nice doggy

she's not gonna bite

she loves kids at this point my dog was

scared because em's yelling

so her ears and tail went straight down

and she started crying a bit

apparently saying my dog was fine with

kids was the wrong thing

em somehow louder she loves kids yeah i

bet that demon loves to eat kids you

should put that devil down

i'm not gonna do that she started

walking towards me so i scooped my dog

up and booked it back home

here's a picture of the dog what a good


i love dogs i don't know i never

understand people that like

hate certain breeds of dogs i know pit

bulls get like a bad rep with like the

dog fighting and stuff but

it's like come on man come on it's not

the dog's fault is it it's the people


that brought them up that brought them

up to fight and and stuff like that

entitled kid doesn't know how to shut up

on a plane flight

so i don't know exactly if this post

falls into entitled parents but i think

it'd be a good place to post it

and yes i'm on a computer and english is

my first language so feel free to

criticize my grammar in the comments

this is also my first post of this

thread i remembered this experience

after seeing some posting this thread

this happened last summer when i was

traveling overseas and my entire family

was excited for the trip

i have a tendency not to sleep on most

flights and play games

we have to wake up super early to catch

the first flight

five hours and had an hour to make it to

the next fight after we landed

12 hours the first flight was pretty

smooth got to play games on my phone and

3ds without anyone bothering me

but the second flight was one of the

worst flights i've ever took

it all started pretty smooth took out my

games again and i started playing

behind me sat the ek with her mum and

dad next to her

the ek looks semi-mature about eight or

nine years old

but boy was i wrong at first i didn't

notice that ek was kicking my seat

because i was so engrossed in the game

but the only reason i noticed the ek is

because she began kicking the seat


i was quite socially awkward back then

so i didn't want to handle the situation


because of this i asked the swap seats

with my sister because i'm quite


and they knew that something was about

to happen fortunately

my mum who was also in the same row as

us helped me calm down after i swapped


and my sister was able to be in that

seat and not have as much trouble as i


because i had to wake up early in the

morning and just had a five-hour flight

with no sleep

i resided to get some well-deserved rest

and the airplane had dimmed the lights

but then it happened the ek started

singing out of nowhere

she began to sing her limited playlist

of about three songs she knew for

almost the entire flight maybe it

wouldn't have bothered me as much

if she was good at singing or loud

enough that anyone in the five rows of

the plane could clearly hear her

she was also coughing every couple of

seconds at this point i was visually

irritated and my mum noticed that i was

so she politely asked the parents to

quiet down their child

they did manage to make her stop but

only for a couple of minutes

then she was back at it again they

didn't even try to fix the situation

but let us sing to her hearts content

this happened a few times until we

eventually caught a flight attendant to

stop the situation

the flight attendant did manage to stop

the ek for a bit longer than the parents


but it was no use unfortunately there is

no happy ending to this story

i only ended up getting one hour sleep

on that flight so i was only half awake

that entire day

also we somehow managed to have our bags

get lost on the connection flight

and it took us four days to get them

back i ended up falling asleep at a

table at a restaurant for a few minutes

before getting woken up by my family

at least i got to take a nice sleep at

the airbnb we were staying at

oh i mean that's like gotta be the worst

situation having a child

sing at the top of their lungs behind

you when you're trying to sleep

i mean it's partially your fault for

playing the games on the flight anyway

and not getting some sleep beforehand

but yeah i i feel for you dude i feel

for you

kid pulled off my sister's head scarf

background i'm a 16 year old boy

and this happened a few weeks ago my

sister was my twin had experiences by

some ahole

won't put his name i live in san diego


ek entitled kid his name starts with s

e racist mum edie raises dad and my mum


my dad ts my twin sister i'm in a

predominantly white high school

there's a few asians and middle easterns

and blacks i don't look muslim at all

same with my sister we're pretty white

but my parents are indian looking

same goes to my family there was this

kid ek he was the bully of the school

so on tuesday at school where me and my

sister and our friends were going to


i heard a scream my sister was on the

ground with a hijab pulled back showing

a little hair

i took off my jacket and gave it to her

i saw ek laughing

so i went over to him and punched him in

the face pretty hard i box and wrestle

so i have a pretty built body

ej was on the ground with a bloody nose

i quickly went over to my sister to make

sure she was okay

my friends were keeping her away from

the chaos but she saw what was happening

she yelled at me to turn around so i did

and was met with a punch to my jaw which

hurt pretty badly

but when i regained my strength i threw

ek on the ground

then the principal took us to his office

and called our parents

both my parents arrived quickly while

scott's parents took about an hour

we all sat down my sister was in the

room with us she isn't much of a talker

but once you get to know her she never

shuts up

anyway our principal explained what

happened both of our parents were peed

ek started to talk about what happened

completely lying about what happened

then i started to get mad and stood up

and told them the real story

this is the conversation that occurred

are you sure that's what happened

because ek doesn't lie

mum that's exactly what happened your

son pulled down my sister's head scarf

and called her a terrorist

maybe she shouldn't have worn that

because she is a terrorist for wearing


this is where me and my dad got peed

what did you just say

how do you know we're terrorists maybe

you're the terrorist because you killed

many muslims

and continued to slaughter them left and

right even innocent ones

you started the war because as i recall

your president invaded iraq

without any motives you guys just saw an


and did what you did this has been

happening for thousands of years

you kill people in any country and blame

it on them you captured a bunch of

africans and use them as slaves because

they aren't white

so tell me who the terrorist is guys i

don't remember

everything my dad said these are just

bits i remember he said

some of it is forgotten by me so i

apologize what is written because again

i don't remember everything my dad said

yeah and what gives you the right to

call my sister and my

family a terrorist when we did nothing

to you whoa

now i don't want any trouble i'm just

stating facts i saw my sister with tears

in her eyes

and i went to my sister and gave her a

hug i'm pretty protective of my sister

look what you did to her you're making

her cry and she didn't do anything to ek

in fact she helped him on his homework

so he could pass the mass exam

she's been nice to him all the time you

know what i'm taking your kids out of

this school

clearly you people are primitive my mum

didn't speak a word because my dad took

the words out of her mouth

before we came out of school me and my

sister got our stuff and said goodbye to

our friends and teachers

i have my friend's phone number so i can

hang out with him all the time we went

to the car

and never came back edit i want to

address that my dad didn't mean to say

what he said

when we got to the car he was

disappointed in himself for acting crazy

that's all folks don't be racist that's

all i'm sorry if some of this offended

you guys

i don't want a huge comment more with

racism and everything my dad was just

angry at the guy and hates people like


who think they are better than the rest

and don't want to take any blame in

anything like this

yeah i can see your dad probably being

pissed off especially like

seeing his daughter have her hijab taken

down and things unless you did get

called a terrorist then

let rip man you know

people say a lot of things in the heat

at the moment you know so

screw it anyway guys

thank you so much for being here today

it really does mean the world to me that

you guys are still watching my video

and showing your support so thank you so


take care now goodbye