How do I know When it's Time to Euthanize my Pet.wmv

in my 38 years of small animal

veterinary practice probably the hardest

question I faced with a pet owner is how

do I know if and when it's time to say

goodbye to my pet as difficult as it is

to contemplate animals don't live as

long as humans and sooner or later their

lives will come to an end they may die

in their sleep or suddenly they may die

due to acute trauma or they may reach a

point in their lives

were you as the loving pet owner must

make a decision regarding humane

euthanasia there are some situations

where the decision is obvious your pet

is had a stroke is paralyzed comatose

non-responsive or your pet is in severe

pain or as a terminal illness that will

lead to a painful death in obvious

situations like these you love your pet

but you realize that there is no option

other than humane and it is by far the

most difficult heart-wrenching

responsibility anyone can have as a

loving pet owner as a caring friend your

pet is a responsibility you must accept

in a decision that you must make for

them cláudio their life is everything

don't keep your pet alive for you keep

your pet alive for your pet what are

some clinical signs to gauge in your

older pet that will tell you that it is

time to say goodbye lack of life in

their eyes your pet looks dazed it does

not react to visual stimuli lack of

cognizance your pet is non-responsive

doesn't know who you are does know where

he is thirdly your pet cannot walk or is

paralyzed fourthly your pet refuses to

eat or has extended bouts of bloody

diarrhea or vomiting

number five your pet is lost bladder or

bodily function control resulting in

fecal or urinary incontinence 6 your pet

head presses that is he walks into a

corner of a room he stands with his head

in the corner not responding to any

external stimuli 7 your pet cannot stand

up on his own 8 your pet is in a chronic

seizure state his old age bone fractures

or is bleeding from the mouth nose or


I'd like to share with you now a very

personal issue with my pet Chatham that

it dealt with both as a veterinarian and

as a loving pet owner shadow mother Kali

Saint Bernard

she is with me every day of her life she

reached the age of 15 and pretty severe

arthritis in her hips then she got to

where she could get up and I carried her

outside to go to the bathroom she still

ate well

still wagged her tail still was chatting

Chatham but there reached a time where

she started this soil herself I'm

carrying her outside she can't get up

I'm carrying her back inside she can't

get up and it was time to say goodbye to

her probably one of the hardest

decisions I've ever made in my entire

life but it was time that's why I come

back to the fact that you keep your pet

alive for them you don't keep your pet

alive for you I know that these are all

pretty rough examples that we've talked

about of old age conditions that will

help you know when it's time to say

goodbye have your veterinarian do a

clinical assessment with you on your pet

and discuss with him palliative

treatment versus euthanasia then make

the decision with your brain not with

your heart keep your pet alive for their

sake their life don't keep them alive

for you if possible all family members

need to be an agreement before decision

is made make the decision when you're

ready don't ever make the decision until

you are ready if you do select to have

your pet humanely euthanized I strongly

recommend that you are with him at the

end you owe your pet that last bit of

comfort and love as they leave this

world because they are blessed he was so

many years of their unconditional love

and wonderful times and memories

remember one more time keep your pet

alive for them and pets bless us with

incredible memories and times if you

have any questions on you Maine

euthanasia please contact your local

veterinarian or you can email us here at

the clinic a desk event at McPhee age