Watch this BEFORE putting your old dog to sleep!

good evening guys

I just wanted to do a video to say thank

you to everybody distantly condolences

after minke died and I took comfort from

a lot of those posts some more so than

others and I filled it certainly in the

last few years I've become more critical

in my thinking and as such and I don't

sound ungrateful he has sent kindness

the the Rainbow Bridge type condolences

don't really do much for me although it

was one nice story you said when

somebody said that mean kill get up

there and all the other dogs will be oh

you're a brown dog that was really cute

and it made me smile but you know I

don't mind personally I don't believe

that that stuff and Easter Ryan because

if it brings him more comfort than more

power to you but but for me it doesn't

bring me comfort so I was a little bit

surprised at what did bring me comfort

because on the last day me and minke

went out and we did all her favorite

things and she saw Zeus he was down here

sleeping we went out and she said she

had loads of new food she'd never had

before took her for a couple of

different walks and just sat with her on

the beach and let no just strangers come

up to her and say hello because that was

almost their favorite thing and then

when it came to time I called her and

told her which I loved it and


just a girl she was because she never

perfect wrong now and wanted to be there

further for the entire process and I

realized that as the vet was injecting

her you know that final injection I

didn't know how it worked now they did

explain to me that they give a sedative

first to make her drowsy relaxed but she

could still hear me and she could still

she could still hear me I'm filming

and since stuff so that was the first

injection that she had and I cut over

for a couple of minutes and told her

just spoke to her and was there for her

then the second injection was an

anesthetic to put her under

and then third injection was sodium

pentobarbital now the the make was

called domme lethal and I realized

that's there which I injected now I

didn't know how it worked so I went home

and did a bit of research and it allowed

me to understand what it was and how it

worked really made me feel better about

the process because that's one of those

things that affects people differently

and I believe that's probably down to

the experiences that you haven't

personally the experiences that I've had

have been quite traumatic everything

from the death of my mum to the death of

the dogs I've lost like little Pablo who

was run over by a car in

mountains and I had to give him

mouth-to-mouth on the way to the vets

that I found that incredibly traumatic

so Mindy's death was almost peaceful in

comparison there's definitely a lot

easier but I found that this brought me

comfort so I thought that I would do

this video just in case it it brought

somebody else comfort as well so while I

was researching it I came across a

euthanasia technicians manual and it

tells you all about how the drug works

and what actually happens to the dog so

I'm going to explain that if that's you

don't want to listen to that then you

better start listening now so the drug

itself was called don't lethal that was

the brand name but the the actual drug

is called sodium pentobarbital now I'm

gonna read you a little excerpt from it

sodium pentobarbital is an effective

euthanasia agent because of its effect

on brain function when introduced into

the bloodstream sodium pentobarbital

moves rapidly to the heart and then into

the brain where it quickly and

painlessly depresses all vital life

functions a lethal intravenous dose of

sodium pentobarbital bar battle causes a

mammal to lose consciousness within

seconds and results in clinical death

within just minutes so I want to know

how actually what happened and it turns

out that they moved through various

stages but all quite quickly so the

first stage is known as voluntary

excitement as the sodium pentobarbital

was injected the drug makes his way from

the injection site to the heart and is

then pumped to the outermost layer of

the brain called the cerebral cortex as

the animal begins to lose consciousness

and coordination he or she may become

increasingly sensitive to noise touch

and other stimuli general safe restraint

and a quiet environment are essential to

minimize excitement in the space as the

truck passes through the cerebral cortex

the animal quickly begins to lose the

ability to

Payne although they will still be able

to feel deep pain and they'll lose

volunteer motor skills now at this stage

they lose the drug shuts down the

animals nor inhibit inhibitory centers

so you've got to be worried that they

might bite if they were unlikely if even

if they were run like its bite

beforehand late and they may well do

during this process again I don't think

that's the case for minke because she

was given a couple of different drugs

beforehand to really make sure that she

was not going to suffer next the drug

moves through the cerebral cortex and

into the cerebrum the area of the brain

responsible for higher-order functioning

like senses memory personality and

emotions the imbalance resulting from

the presence of the drug in this region

frequently causes uncontrolled motor

activity like paddling on the legs and


well then although this may be

disconcerting to see the animal is

completely unconscious and not suffering

once the drug has made its way through

the cerebrum it enters the cerebellum

the area of the brain that governs

balance and gross motor activity at this

point the animal can feel no pain at all

and does not respond to a visual or

distri similar reflexes including eye

blinking toe pinch begin to disappear as

well now the animal is considered to be

in a state of surgical anesthesia and

could be safely and painlessly operated

on providing a heartbeat it must brace

in the maintained now this is the base

for many of the drugs that are used to

anesthetize animals

I don't maybe even humans I don't know

okay so the next stage


and if sodium pentobarbital has been

injected into a vein the animal

generally reaches this stage as soon as

for five seconds after injections after

injection now when performing surgery on

an animal in stage three underneath

anesthesia specialists ensure that the

drug is administered do not compromise

the core functions of the deepest part

of the brain in the brainstem the

medulla oblongata the brainstem is

responsible for the body's most basic

needs for survival breathing heartbeat

blood pressure with euthanasia however

the goal is to have the drug reach the

animal's brain stem and depress the core

functions as quickly as possible

sodium pentobarbital achieves this goal

stopping the animal from breathing in

oxygen and circulating blood usually

within just 40 seconds after injection

i've directly after injection into a

vein when these core functions cease the

animal dies the berm you may see signs

of life but it's not the dog fighting

for life it is it's the body response to

it but the animal is already dead it's

not enough to inject an animal with a

lethal dose of sodium pentobarbital and

assume that he or she has been

euthanized to euthanasia is not complete

until death has been verified

if sodium pentobarbital has been

injected going into a vein the animal

typically passes through all four stages

of anesthesia in a matter of seconds the

drug has instead been injected into the

abdominal cavity the process will take

longer simply because the drug must

first be absorbed into the bloodstream

in order to then be carried from the

heart to the brain apparently this is

what they use in assisted suicide for

humans as well this drug bumper burn

then goes on to now for me

understanding that stuff made a made a

difference to make sure that I knew that

she wasn't in any pain at any point and

again I'm only really doing it in the

hope that it will help somebody else who

may be suffering listen I honestly

genuinely do appreciate all your

comments and to everybody that had said

thank you and Sophia loss or Rainbow

Bridge stories or whatever it might be

I do appreciate me I just I don't know I

saw it

brightest out there and in the hopes it

all helps on anyway yeah in the next

couple of days have been trying to keep

myself really busy I can't say thank you

enough to my fiance Joan who flew back

from the UK bang in the middle of a load

of seminars that she's giving so that

she could be here to support me but

she's back in the UK now so good luck

your stuff Joe thank you I love you

in the next few days I'll probably do a

live some question I'll tell you what

there's a post I put up about a week ago

that we've posted on popular opinion and

that unpopular opinion that you weren't

allowed to argue of it you just have to

say agree or disagree it's a little bit

lower down and if you're on Facebook

what I'm going to do is I'm going to

weight our way through those comments

because there's some really interesting

topics and I'm going to give you my

point of view if that's the only

interest you to you keep your eyes open

and I will will you sit in the next few

days maybe I'll just do it live I think

probably anyway to anybody else that's

going through what I'm going through at

the moment and I'm sorry for your loss

as well does it sucks much love

game don't kiss your dog's time you love