When do we take teeth out

hello I'm Martin Riley a specialist

orthodontist at the local photonics what

I'll be talking about today is when do

we take teeth out

now the first important thing to say is

some people need to taken out as part of

their orthodontic treatment but a large

number of patients don't need to taken

out it really depends upon the

individual problem that you present with

and what treatment is required so the

first thing we do at the local

orthodontics is thoroughly analyze and

diagnose what your issues are first to

decide what treatments required and as

part of that treatment requirement do we

or don't we we're party to be removed

and it's basically three categories when

it may be necessary to remove teeth the

first category is the patient around

about seven years of age who presents at

the orthodontist with the top and lower

front teeth coming through having

replaced their baby teeth before them

those teeth come through and sometimes

there's just nowhere near enough room

for those teeth to fit in but I'm sure

we've all seen patients with a very

crooked front teeth and these little

cute kids looking like a cross between a

crocodile and a shark now no one wants

that and commonly what we need to do is

simply take a little baby tooth out in

each corner of the map to make room the

top and lower front teeth to spread in

their position that enables a natural

improvement in the alignment of the top

and the lower front teeth and any

required orthodontic treatment down the

line can be undertaken when the

remaining permanent teeth are up a few

years down the line some people need

this treatment others don't we need to

look at your individual circumstances to

decide whether it's appropriate the next

common category of patients where a

tooth removal is required is the patient

who has got what we call a crowded now

the typical scenario of the patient

presenting essentially with some age

twelve teeth but only size out jaws

they're just simply not going to fit

attempts to fit in this excessively

large teeth in

more jewels does it really work it leads

to long-term instability of alignment

and over after other problems in those

patients who have got what we call a

fundamental tooth size - jaw size

discrepancy it's necessary to remove

teeth sometimes a small premolar tooth

is removed in each corner of the mouth

to make room so that the braces or

whatever appliances we've decided upon

we can line the tip up and give a lovely

straight set of teeth with the best

chance of stability of alignment in the

long term the next category of patients

where tooth removal is required is

people who have compromised teeth they

have a tooth that's broken down as a

root canal treatment that hasn't been

successful or a tooth that is just a

poor prospect - sometimes there's

nothing necessary to remove these teeth

with our war photonic treatment close up

the spaces and give the people a really

lovely straight set of teeth and

minimize the need for false teeth in the

long term the last category of patients

where it's sometimes necessary to remove

teeth is people who have protruding top

teeth relative to the lower teeth

sometimes it's necessary to remove a

small tooth on either side of the top to

provide some space to the top teeth can

be brought back to bat correctly with

the lower teeth as you can see there's

no one cat fits all there's different

treatments for different circumstances

depending on your individual situation

what we suggest to do is come in have a

chat to us at the bug orthodontics our

expert team will analyze and assess

exactly what's required but you know

whether or not teeth need to be removed

and give you a very clear explanation as

to why the objective at the end of the

day is to get a stable well aligned set

of teeth that the function beautifully

and that's what we'll try to achieve for