When is the best time to prune trees?

when is the best time to prune my tree

or when is the best time to prune trees

hey guys my name is Mark Russell 7/7 Oh

arborist I don't want to answer that

question for you today it's getting

toward the end of summer and it's

actually starting to get to the time

when trees are about to go into dormant

season and the short answer is it's

coming up it's time to start thinking

about pruning your trees and we're going

to top them talk about the top four

reasons okay so first off the best time

to prune trees is from fall the

beginning of fall till the beginning of

spring and that is known as the trees

dormant season it's when the leaves fall

off the tree kind of shuts down movement

of the SAP kind of slows down and the

tree is not photosynthesizing it's not

doing a whole lot it's doing a little

bit we're going to get into top four

reasons number one less bugs so when

it's hot in the summer lots of bugs are

out and when you make those pruning cuts

on that tree it's like ding ding ding

dinner bell hello bugs I got a great

free meal for you

case in point you take a piece of steak

you throw it out on the driveway and you

know you're going to have flies really

quick the same way when you make those

cuts on that tree when there are lots of

bugs out it's just bringing a man they

bring with them pathogens fungus

bacteria or they lay eggs in your tree

that's just no good number two it gives

the cuts time to dry during the winter

when there are no bugs so that when the

bugs come around it's less attractive

male form that's pretty self-explanatory

number three number three is Oh full ROI

oh my gosh did a tree guy just use an

investment term yes I used to be a

stockbroker actually so full return on

investment for the in or the resources

that the tree allocated to produce the

leaves so the bottom line is a lot of

arbor culture is just helping the tree

to allocate its resources in different

ways and when the tree invests energy to

create a leaf it needs to get in

photosynthesize and get all the energy

back from that investment when you print

at the end of the

a season rather than in the middle of

the photosynthesis season you get the

best ROI possible and number four and

that would be oh the best amount of

pruning possible or the best amount of

healing I said pruning but I meant

healing possible so if you've ever

looked at growth rings on a tree you

might have noticed that the white

portion of the rings are bigger

typically than the the darker areas

that's what I was talking about earlier

in the video that the tree does have a

little bit of movement in the winter

that's the thin dark areas of growth

very compact dense cells but then the

white areas are known as the spring

flush it's when the tree goes into

active mode and starts pushing out to

start growing leaves so the bottom line

is this you want to make that cut during

the dormant season so that when the tree

goes to strong I'm going to start

growing it's healing the cut and not

creating leaves that will get cut off

that is optimal for healing for your

tree and those are the top 4 reasons ok

guys hey my name is Mark Russell seven

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