Caring For Senior Dogs. Things You Must Change As Your Dog Gets Older!

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max just turned seven years old last

month two months ago or so and he seven

years old is four into the senior years

for him for the breed of dog he as being

a Rottweiler now he's getting older

there's things that I have to pay more

attention to and kind of change up to

you know keep him safe so you have an

older dog here are some things that you

should be ready to deal with and be

prepared for first thing is your dog's

vision it's gonna start going downhill

now there are some you know diseases

like cataracts conjunctivitis that can

be treated by your veterinarian but just

regardless even if they don't have a

serious condition like that your dog's

eyes are gonna get bad just naturally as

they get older so be prepared for your

dog to you know be bumping into things

be careful with stairs alright that your

dog have a lot of stairs you want to

watch your dog at the top there's a next

time we fall down because you can't see

be prepared for your dog's vision to get

worse urinary incontinence your dog

starts peeing in the house again another

very common issue for senior dogs now

sometimes the root of that cause can be

kidney infection urinary tract infection

when your dog that's going to the

bathroom in the house that is a trip to

the vet there are actually some

medications that can help with this so

don't treat it as you know a behavioral

issue alone if your dog starts peeing in

the house and you have a senior dog go

to the vet first and take it from there

as your dog gets older his behavior and

memory can change as well dog dementia

very real you might notice your dog he

doesn't listen to you know the commands

you say as well he doesn't respond to

the words if you would you know let's

say you go i with max I say max one go

for walking he gets super super excited

there's gonna be a day where I go max

won't go for a walk and he acts like he

doesn't even hear what I said and that's

not gonna be because he didn't you know

physically hear me just because that

part in his brain that had that

association of walk meet something good

it's gonna start going confusion saurian

tation memory loss irritability

all very common behavior

Changez as a dog gets older one of the

most I guess aggressive groupings of

dogs that I deal with are older dogs and

some that they're trying to be

aggressive or there's a real reason that

they're aggressive it's just that

they're old and and they're irritable so

you have kids especially and you have an

older dog

be very careful because as I talked

about many times every dog has a

snapping point every dog will only

tolerate so much and older dogs in

particular will start to tolerate a

whole lot less the last thing is

exercise it's important that you keep up

your dog's exercise but you don't overdo

it as dogs get older their energy level

is going to go down they're not gonna be

able to do the same amount of physical

exercise as they used to with max I know

now we can only walk about half the

distance that we used to go when he was

you know 2 years old and if you're like

me and you have a big large dog a heavy

dog be careful about excessive jumping I

don't let max jump off my bed anymore I

have steps I try as best I can to limit

him from jumping off of the things in

the backyard when I'm when we're playing

fetch or playing with the toy I no

longer throw the toys high up in the air

from the jump at everything as low as

dog get older their hips and joints get

bad so while we yes we still want to

keep them exercising and keep them

healthy we don't want to push them past

their limb you have an older dog things

do change it does get a little bit

harder again you know you kind of go

through the phases where it's a lot of

work as a puppy and then during the

adult period oh it's pretty easy having

a dog and then we go to the senior stage

and it's kind of back to the level of

work that was required as a puppy keep

these tips in mind though and hopefully

it'll help with your senior dog thanks

for watching everyone hope you enjoyed

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